King George Square Car Park

Brisbane City Council's underground King George Square Car Park, between Ann and Adelaide Streets, Brisbane City is open for parking seven days a week. Vehicle entry is via Roma or Adelaide Streets and exit is via Roma Street.

Read the terms and conditions of car park entry.

Council provides special offers at the King George Square and Wickham Terrace Car Parks.

Opening hours

King George Square Car Park is open:

  • Monday to Thursday from 5.30am to midnight
  • weekends from 5.30am Friday to 11pm Sunday
  • public holidays from 7.30am to 11pm unless otherwise advised (closed Christmas Day and Good Friday).

The car park locks after closing hours. At Council's discretion, the car park may open 24 hours.

Parking fees and payment options

All automatic pay stations accept cash and credit cards. Both Roma Street exit gates accept credit cards.

Automatic pay stations are on Level A (street level) and Level B. The automatic pay stations do not accept Diners Club cards.

Prepaid monthly pass card holders can swipe their card for access and exit.

You can also pay using your mobile phone by downloading the CellOPark Australia app.

Fees for King George Square Car Park including GST. King George Square Car Park fees
Day parking (cars) - Monday to Friday


5.30am to 6pm:
  • up to 15 minutes - free
  • up to 20 minutes - $5
  • up to half an hour - $10
  • up to one hour - $18
  • up to one and a half hours - $22
  • up to two hours - $25
  • up to two and a half hours - $27
  • up to three hours - $30
  • up to three and a half hours - $32
  • up to four hours - $35
  • over four hours - $35 (for cars entering before 4.30pm)
  • early bird rate - $20 per day (for cars entering between 5.30-7am and exiting between 1-6pm)
  • maximum daily rate - $35 (for cars leaving before 6pm)

Vehicles entering before 4.30pm and exiting after 6pm pay applicable casual day parking fees till 6pm, then night parking fees apply.

Electric and hybrid vehicles
Drivers of full electric and hybrid vehicles pay half the casual parking fee during these hours:

  • Monday to Thursday from 5.30am to midnight
  • weekends from 5.30am Friday to 11pm Sunday.

Entry tickets must be validated by staff during these times at the Roma Street office. A designated validation point is on Level B.

Night parking (cars) Monday to Thursday 4.30pm to midnight - $5
Vehicles exiting the closed car park pay an after hours release fee - $50
Friday 4.30pm to Saturday 5.30am - $5
Motorcycles During business hours - $8 per day or part day
Motorcycles must park in designated spaces. Tickets must be validated by staff at the Roma Street office on Level B.
Overnight parking Yes - Friday and Saturday night only
Weekend and public holiday parking Saturday 5.30am to Sunday 5.30am - $5
Sunday 5.30am to 11pm - $5
Public holidays 7.30am to 11pm (unless otherwise advised) - $5
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday.
Monthly pass cards The allocation of pass cards is currently full.

Monthly - $500 per calendar month
For all cards this fee includes:
  • unlimited access during opening hours
  • secure undercover parking.
Payments are due in advance. Prepaid monthly pass card holders will be invoiced for the following month. Written notification (minimum of two weeks in advance) is given for suspension or cancellation. Minimum period of suspension is two weeks. Cancelled cards must be returned.

To apply for a pass card or to check on pass card availability, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Other car park information


King George Square Car Park has two vehicle entry points and one exit at:

  • Roma Street - entry and exit
  • Adelaide Street - entry only.

Pedestrians can access the car park from the King George Square stairs, off Ann Street, near the King George V memorial. There is also a pedestrian pathway onto Adelaide Street. Disabled access at street level is available from Level A.

Limited spaces are available on Level A for parents and carers with children/prams. There is direct access to Adelaide Street. Limited spaces are also available on Level A for valid disability parking permit holders.

Electric car recharge station

Free electric car recharge is available during business hours. King George Square Car Park is the only car park in the city with this facility, promoting the reduction of carbon dioxide and pollution. Specially marked bays are on Level B for this service.

Tesla vehicles can use the free electric charging station. The car park attendant can provide an adaptor that converts a type one plug to a type two (Mennekes) plug for charging.

Height limit 

The vehicle height limit is 1.93 metres.


At night, a staff member or security guard is available to escort customers to their vehicle:

  • from Sunday to Thursday until 11pm
  • on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm to 7.30am.

Request an escort at the Roma Street booth. There is generally only one staff member available at any time.

Last updated:3 October 2019
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