Parking meter fees for motorcycles

To help support the community during the coronavirus pandemic, Brisbane City Council will be implementing free on-street parking until further notice.

From Friday 27 March, almost 1000 parking meters will be switched off across the city.

Motorcycle parking bays are provided at locations throughout the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD). While most of these allow for free motorcycle parking, some bays are metered. Brisbane City Council also has parking meters that allow you to park your motorcycle all day for a capped fee.

Parking meter fees for motorcycles are cheaper than normal metered car parks. If you park your motorcycle in a standard car park, you must pay the meter fee for cars.

Find out information about the three parking zones in Brisbane and view the Regulated parking meter zones map.

Regulated parking fees table including maximum charges and motorcycle parking
Motorcycle parking Zone 1 Charge per hour
Up to and including 3 hour meter Motorcycle Bays only
7am - 7pm Monday to Friday
4 hour meter and greater Motorcycle Bays only
7am - 7pm Monday to Friday with maximum charge capped at $5.70
Last updated:26 March 2020