Parking meter guide

Parking meters record your car registration details as reference of your payment. While you can print a receipt from the machine for your records, this is not a parking ticket and there is no need to display it on your vehicle.

Step-by-step guide for using a parking meter

  1. Check the parking zone
    Once you've parked your vehicle in a vacant marked parking bay, check the nearest parking sign to confirm the times you can park in the location. Take note of the four-digit zone number. At some locations, parking is not available (e.g. peak hour parking restrictions such as a clearway, no stopping zone, or bus zone). Make sure you read the signs and understand where parking is permitted.
  2. Find a meter
    Look for a parking meter nearby with a blue 'pay here' sign. Check the zone number on the meter matches the zone number on the parking signs.
  3. Read the screen
    On the meter's screen, check the hours you can park, maximum time limit, tariff and maximum charge. If the screen shows 'closed', seek a different parking location.
  4. Enter your registration number
    Use the keypad to enter your vehicle registration number. Don't enter any spaces between the characters (e.g. ABC123). You can use the backspace arrow on the keyboard if you make a mistake. Check your registration is entered correctly, then press the green 'ok' button. If you need to correct any errors or start the transaction again, press the red 'cancel' button and restart the process.
  5. 15 minute free parking
    15 minute free parking is available in over 7500 car parking spaces across Brisbane, excluding the Brisbane Central Business District. If you are intending to park for less than 15 minutes, press the 'free under 15 minutes' button. If you wish to park for longer than 15 minutes, press the 'over 15 mins' button.
  6. Confirm 15 minute time period
    Press the 'ok' button to confirm that you wish to park for only 15 minutes. You are not required to complete this step if you've selected the 'over 15 mins' button.
  7. Pay
    If you selected the 'over 15 mins' button, a new screen will show the message Coin Payment No Longer Accepted, credit card (excluding Diners Club and American Express cards) or mobile payment only.

Paying with a credit card

  1. Select time
    Select the amount of time you would like to pay for. To add time, press the arrow button on the right. To remove time, press the arrow button on the left. When paying by credit card, the minimum value charged is 50 cents. Press the 'ok button to continue. Long term meters have an all-day flat fee. Check the meter display for rates.
  2. Confirm details
    A new screen will appear showing your registration number and the time your parking expires. You must press 'ok' to proceed with the transaction. The transaction is only complete after your card transaction is successful.
  3. Insert or tap card
    With your credit card facing upwards and the electronic strip on the left, insert your card fully. You must leave the card in the reader to complete payment. Follow screen instructions and remove the card when instructed. All of Brisbane's meters are also 'Tap N Go' enabled. If you wish to use this facility, tap and hold your card against the card reader on the front of the meter to complete the transaction. If the card reader is successful, then the meter will proceed to receipt printing (optional).
  4. Print receipt (optional) 
    If you wish to print a receipt for your records, press the 'yes' button and collect your receipt from the tray. This is not a ticket and does not need to be displayed in your car.

Paying via the CellOPark Australia app

After you have parked your vehicle at a parking meter:

  1. Open the CellOPark Australia app.
  2. Select your vehicle registration from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page.
  3. To start your session you can either:
    • select Brisbane as your location from the drop down menu
    • enter the correct zone number (look for the seven digit number printed on the side of the nearest parking meter)
    • select start, or scan the QR code locate on the side of the parking meter (directly underneath the seven digit zone number) to start your session automatically. The countdown timer will begin and display the maximum remaining time for your parking session (parking officers can see your valid parking session when they check your number plate).
  4. To stop your session:
    • select stop in the app or website, or
    • phone CellOPark. You must use the mobile number linked to the account. Your account is charged only for the time you use.

Extra information

  • Green 'ok' button
    If the 'ok' button is not pressed to proceed within 20 seconds, this will cancel the transaction. Your card will not be debited. The only way a card can be debited is if the user accepts the transaction by pressing the 'ok' button.
  • Blue '?' (help) button
    By pressing the '?' button, you will be provided with information on mobile phone payments and service centre details for faults (e.g. contact centre phone number and meter identification).
  • Red cancel button
    Press the red 'cancel' button to cancel the transaction. Re-enter details if required.
  • If your payment is not successful, try again. There could be a temporary error.
  • Payment is checked by a database via a mobile device, not by the receipt of payment.
Last updated: 22 February 2021
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