Disability parking permit

Disability parking permits are issued and maintained by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Australian Disability Parking Scheme permit holders (both individual and organisation) in Queensland are entitled to park in:

  • any space provided for a person with a disability in an on-street or off-street parking location, for example, shopping centres, hospitals
  • Brisbane City Council metered or regulated parking areas free of charge for the following periods where the time limit specified by a sign is:
    • less than 30 minutes, the permit holder is allowed to park for 30 minutes in Queensland
    • 30 minutes or more, the permit holder is allowed to park for an unlimited amount of time in Queensland.

However, you are not entitled to park in restricted parking zones (for example, clearways, no stopping, loading zones and bus zones). You can pick up or set down a passenger for two minutes in a passenger loading zone.

If you are not the holder of a Australian Disability Parking Scheme permit, you must not park in any disability parking space. People with limited mobility need these spaces to easily get in and out of their vehicle and are located in areas that are easy to access.

If you park in a disability parking bay without a permit displayed, you may be fined.

On-street disability parking spaces

This map includes Disability Parking Permit on-street parking in the Brisbane Central Business District. Alternatively, you can view with map in Council's Google Maps account.

Last updated:13 May 2019