Brisbane City Council's CityHopper is a free inner city ferry service for the Brisbane River. You can hop on and hop off the CityHopper at six stops between North Quay and Sydney Street, New Farm. The service runs every 30 minutes between 5.30am and midnight, seven days a week.

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Cross-River ferry and City Hopper updates

Council is pleased to advise the Cross-River and CityHopper ferry services have resumed on an interim timetable. Council has sourced five new KittyCats to undertake these services while assessments are undertaken on Council’s timber ferry fleet. 

The KittyCats are new modern vessels, with wide panoramic windows which allow exceptional views of the river city and provide a pleasurable travelling experience for commuters and visitors. With increased capacity and speed, the new KittyCat CityHopper will run at 30-minute intervals. 

The Kangaroo Point Cross River service will operate on a 30-minute frequency, providing Kangaroo Point customers with a cross-river service every 15 minutes from Holman Street.

Council has committed $48.7 million for the next three years to upgrade ferry terminals, including Dockside and Mowbray Park, to improve accessibility for all users. Council is committed to ensuring safe, efficient and accessible public transport networks across the city, and continues to improve accessibility, connectivity, and flood resilience of the ferry terminal network

Council is also pleased to advise that once the Howard Smith Wharves terminal is constructed it will form part of the cross-river service for Kangaroo Point residents. Construction is due to commence on the Howard Smith Wharves terminal in early 2021. 

The KittyCats are similar in performance to Council’s CityCats and have similar requirements for berthing at terminals. It also means that some of the city’s older terminals are not compatible with the new modern KittyCats. In order to recommence services as soon as possible using the modern KittyCats, Council has made the following service changes.

Holman Street Terminal – Cross River and CityHopper services

  • A cross-river service is available every 15 minutes from Holman Street, with Council’s free CityHopper and the Kangaroo Point Cross River service both operating on a 30-minute frequency.
  • Council considered retaining the CityCats stopping at Holman Street however the congestion at this terminal would have resulted in significant delays. Council will consider the reintroduction of CityCat services once the Howard Smith Wharves terminal opens next year.

Eagle Street Pier Terminal – CityHopper services

Eagle Street Pier is not compatible with the modern KittyCats due to a difference in height between the older terminal and the newer vessel, so the cross-river service will now be between Holman Street and Riverside Ferry Terminal.

Dockside Terminal – CityHopper services 

  • As Dockside Terminal is an older terminal it is not compatible with the modern KittyCats due to a difference in height between the older terminal and the newer vessel.
  • Council’s free shuttle bus service (Shuttle 27) from Main Street near Scott Street will continue at 25-minute intervals.

Thornton Street Terminal – Cross River services

  • As Thornton Street is an older terminal it is not compatible with the modern KittyCats due to a difference in height between the older terminal and the newer vessel.
  • Thornton Street Terminal will also be impacted by the construction of Council’s Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, due to start construction in late 2021.
  • Due to the incompatibility of this terminal and construction impacts, cross-river and CityHopper services will not recommence from this terminal and customers are encouraged to use Holman Street terminal to access ferry services.

Norman Park to New Farm Park Cross River Ferry

Council has taken the opportunity to review the network prior to the KittyCats commencing service. As part of this work, we have analysed the compatibility of the existing terminals with the KittyCats, the patronage of each service and the vessel numbers needed to service the network.

This review showed that the Norman Park terminal is at end-of-life and is not compliant with modern disability access standards, nor is it compatible with docking the newer KittyCats due to the significant height difference between the older terminal and the newer vessels. To upgrade this terminal, it would require a complete rebuild of the onshore and marine infrastructure. 

The review also found that the Norman Park to New Farm Park ferry service only carried 133 passengers on 136 services per day (pre-COVID), meaning it carries on average less than one person per trip. This means it has the lowest patronage of any ferry service Council provides.

By comparison, the Bulimba to Teneriffe ferry carries 574 passengers on 150 services per day.

Given the significant upgrade costs to make Norman Park terminal compatible, the extremely low patronage and the lack of any substantial growth in these numbers over the past decade, Council has taken the very difficult decision to withdraw this service, permanently.

Bulimba to Teneriffe Cross River Ferry

The steel monohull Kalparrin will remain servicing the Bulimba to Teneriffe ferry service.

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Last updated: 30 September 2021