NextGen double-decker CityCats

Brisbane City Council launched the first new Next Generation (NextGen) double-decker CityCat vessel Yoogera in November 2019 and the second, Neville Bonner, in August 2020 providing more opportunities to connect the people and places that make our city great.

Council is delivering seven more NextGen double-decker CityCats to complement and replace seven of the existing vessels nearing the end of their serviceable lifespan.

This is all part of our plan to deliver a modern public transport network that represents the evolution of river travel and enhances the passenger experience. 

NextGen double-decker CityCat schedule

This table provides information about the NextGen double-decker CityCat schedule including CityCat number, CityCat name and delivery date.
CityCat number CityCat name Delivery date
CityCat24 To be announced Mid 2021
CityCat25 To be announced Late 2021
CityCat26 to CityCat 30 To be announced Between 2021 and 2025

NextGen double-decker CityCat features

NextGen double-decker CityCat features include:

  • the ability to carry a total of 170 passengers
  • an upper deck, providing seating for 20 passengers
  • rear deck seating for 16 passengers and space for 10 bikes
  • an open front deck with a clear viewing pane below the handrail
  • up to six dedicated wheelchair and mobility scooter areas
  • lower windows in sections of the main cabin, allowing passengers in mobility devices and children to enjoy the view
  • table and lounge seating options including USB device charging ports
  • hearing augmentation loops.

NextGen double-decker CityCats operate under the existing contract with RiverCity Ferries.

Brisbane just keeps getting better. The new double-decker CityCats, Yoogera and Neville Bonner, are here.

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Last updated: 19 November 2020
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