Commemorative CityCat and bus designs

Brisbane City Council's commemorative CityCat and bus designs aim to increase community pride, acknowledge our city's success stories and commemorate historic events. 

Bus wraps

The decorated buses include a range of commemorative wraps:

Commemorative wraps

Armistice centenary (1918-2018)


To commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Armistice that ended the First World War on 11 November 1918, Council unveiled a wrapped bus that featured a field of red poppies which were one of the first plants to regrow in the battle-ravaged field of the Western Front.

Indigenous designs


In a celebration of NAIDOC Week and Black History Month, four Council buses have been wrapped in artworks from two Brisbane-based Indigenous artists, Rachael Sarra and Casey Coolwell.

CityCat wraps

The decorated CityCats include a range of sporting and event wraps:

Sporting wraps

The sporting wraps include:

  • Brisbane Bandits – Brisbane’s baseball team
  • Brisbane Bullets – Brisbane's basketball team
  • Brisbane Heat – Brisbane’s men's and women's cricket team
  • Brisbane International – Brisbane’s annual international tennis tournament
  • Brisbane Lions – Brisbane’s Australian rules football team
  • Brisbane Roar – Brisbane's football team
  • Queensland Firebirds – Queensland’s women’s netball team
  • QRL 'Maroons' State of Origin - Queensland rugby league
  • INAS Global Games.

Commemorative wraps

Spirit of Brisbane


The Spirit of Brisbane is a tribute to this great city, its people and their community spirit. The livery celebrates Brisbane's ‘mud army’ that came together to help clean-up after the 2011 floods. The interior depicts a montage of photographs of the clean up performed by some 25,000 volunteers during the disaster.  It also includes the flotilla of vessels that commemorated the return of the iconic CityCats and ferries after the flood.

The commemorative wrap has a special colour scheme. Blue represents the sky and river, green reflects new growth after the flood and maroon for the Queensland spirit. The yellow sunbeam represents the sun that shone across the sky as Brisbane reclaimed its city.

INAS Global Games 2019


The INAS Global Games 2019 decorative wrap aimed to promote the games held in Brisbane between 9-19 October 2019. The games are run by the International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments and consist of an international sporting event and convention. They are the world’s largest elite sporting event for athletes with an intellectual impairment, held once every four years.

The games feature nine international sports including athletics, basketball, cycling and tennis. In 2019 they attracted more than 1000 qualifying athletes from more than 75 member INAS nations. There were an additional 2600 coaches, family and friends.

Last updated: 8 October 2021