Active School Travel - Riding

Taking part in Active School Travel (AST) by riding a bike to school is an easy way to incorporate physical activity into everyone’s day. It can also be faster and cheaper than driving. Why not ride a bike with your children to school and start the day feeling fantastic!

Remember, it is legal to ride on the footpath in Queensland. Make sure you always keep left and give way to pedestrians.

Meet Ryder

The Active School Travel character, Ryder loves the feel of the wind in his face when he's on his bike. Ryder knows when he's riding on the footpath he needs to give way to pedestrians and sound his bell. He always wears his helmet.

Ryder's top tips for travel

  • Always wear a helmet and make sure it's done up.
  • Check your brakes before you leave on your ride.
  • Make sure you have a bell on your bike and use it when coming up behind people.
  • Be extra careful in wet weather when the path might be slippery.

Check out this video of Ryder and her friends as they show you how to ride safely with important things to remember before you set off on your bike or scooter.

You can also view this video on Council's YouTube account.

Read the Riding – important things to remember before you set off on your bike or scooter video transcript

Riding a scooter or bike to school is really fun. Traveling to school on two wheels is a great way to keep healthy and active. I just love riding to school with my mates, don't you Ryder?

I totally do, Scoot! I love feeling the wind on my face as I pedal along. But you know what, I always make sure that I do it super safely. That means that I only have a ride on the footpath, and I always ring my bell as I’m passing somebody to make sure they know that I’m there, and that way everyone stays safe.

Those are some great tips Ryder. It is also very important when riding or scootering to always wear your amazing helmet. You should be able to fit two fingers between your chin and your strap and that's how I know mine is done up right. Cool.

Oh, you know what else? What? It's really important to remember it's not a race so don't go too fast, and always make sure you check your brakes before you leave home. And you also have to be very careful around driveways by checking that there are no cars around and always be super careful when it's wet weather because you don't want to slip over. Hey, are you ready to pedal all the way to school scoot? Yep... wait I don't have any pedals. Well, you push off the ground on a scooter, silly. I knew that. Let's go.

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