Active School Travel - Scootering

Riding a scooter makes the school run fun! For parents, it’s easy to walk or ride alongside a child on a scooter. Plus, it’s easy to carry the scooter home if it can’t be stored at school. Scooting is one way to actively travel to school and incorporate physical activity in the everyday life of children. 

Scooter skills sessions

We want more students to ride to school and we want them to have the skills, confidence and experience to ride safely. To prepare our students to ride, the Active School Travel (AST) program offers participating schools a free 60 minute scooter skills training program with a professional scootering coach. Scooter skills training provides children with invaluable riding skills and lays the foundation for independent travel choices and fun family activities. These sessions are held on the school grounds for schools which are part of the AST program.

Meet Scoot

The Active School Travel character, Scoot rides his scooter to and from school with his friends every day! He wears his helmet and is always watching for cars coming in and out of driveways.

Scoot's Top Tips for travel

  • Always wear a helmet and make sure it's done up.
  • Check your brakes before you leave on your ride.
  • Keep your speed down and watch for pedestrians.
  • Be extra careful when crossing driveways.
  • Ride in a group with your friends – it's fun!
Last updated: 13 May 2019