Active School Travel maps

Active School Travel (AST) maps take the guess work out of planning an active travel route. As part of the AST program, each participating school receives tailored maps featuring active travel routes, safe crossing points and public transport options. These maps are created in conjunction with the schools’ AST committees and can be added as a resource to a school website.

Schools also receive a large, laminated version of their map to display in a prominent place in the school grounds or for teachers to use in class lessons. The maps make it easier for primary school parents, carers, students and teachers to walk, cycle, scooter, car pool or take public transport to school.

If your child goes to a current AST school, you can ask the school for a printed map. Some schools may also launch their Active Travel map.    


 When using the AST maps, keep the following in mind:

  • the routes shown on these maps are suggested only
  • parents/carers are responsible for their children’s safety while using such routes
  • the maps are intended to provide information on Active School Travel
  • the locations of symbols on the map are indicative only  
  • the inclusion or omission of any service, facility or business in this guide is not to be construed as Brisbane City Council endorsing or promoting a service, facility or business above any other  
  • bus stops and routes are correct at the time of publication and may be subject to change  
  • each time you use a suggested route, you are responsible for looking out for and considering any changes to the environment, including but not limited to construction or footpath works, which would make using the route unsafe.

While Council has taken care and consideration in mapping the suggested routes, you are ultimately responsible for your own and your children’s safety while using such routes.

Last updated: 16 June 2021