Your school's Active School Travel involvement

Forming a productive and passionate Active School Travel (AST) committee is a crucial part of getting the most out of the AST program.

Council will work with your school to form an AST committee. The committee may include the following representatives from your school community:

  • Principal
  • Deputy/Assistant Principals
  • teachers
  • parents
  • students
  • local police
  • local Councillor
  • other interested community members.

Your committee focuses on your school’s priorities and helps to implement strategies appropriate for your school. While a weekly active travel day and surveys are required to measure behaviour change, schools can choose what other initiatives they will participate in.

AST also links well with existing school curriculum and programs. The program can bring huge value to your school and provides an opportunity to improve the health of your school community in a fun and creative way. 

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Last updated:26 August 2020