Brisbane City Council is building new active transport bridges across Brisbane to make it even easier for you to get around our city.

The Kangaroo Point Bridge will link Kangaroo Point to the CBD, making it easier to walk or ride between Kangaroo Point, the eastern suburbs and the CBD.

More than just a bridge project, the Kangaroo Point Bridge will become a must-visit destination for residents and visitors to our great city, with the final design featuring several unique riverside dining venues.

It will ensure Brisbane continues to be a great place to live, work and relax, and will provide the perfect way for residents to explore our river city during the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

In June 2021, Council awarded the contract to Connect Brisbane, led by BESIX Watpac, to design and construct the Kangaroo Point Bridge, following an extensive procurement process. Construction started in late 2021, with expected completion in 2024.

As part of the project, Council will also be delivering new walking and riding connections from the bridge landing at Scott Street through to Main Street and Deakin Street in Kangaroo Point.

For information regarding the construction of the bridge and the Main Street and Deakin Street connection, including the latest project updates, visit the Kangaroo Point Bridge construction page.

The Kangaroo Point Bridge is partially funded by the Australian Government as part of the SEQ City Deal.

Kangaroo Point Bridge fly-through video

View the following fly-through video. You can also watch this video on Council's YouTube channel.

Artist impressions

View artist impressions in the following gallery. You can also view the 'Kangaroo Point Bridge Artist Impressions' album via Council's Flickr account.

About the project

The Kangaroo Point Bridge will provide a world-class landmark linking the city centre and Kangaroo Point peninsulas. The bridge will celebrate our river city and sub-tropical identity and provide a convenient, safe and accessible connection for all bridge users.

Key features of Connect Brisbane's design for the Kangaroo Point Bridge include:

  • a river crossing between the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street in the CBD, and Scott Street at Kangaroo Point with a length of around 460m
  • an elegant single-mast cable stay structure, designed to complement the city skyline and minimise visual impact
  • dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths, with a minimum width of 6.8m along the length of the bridge, and a maximum grade of 1:20
  • a navigable bridge clearance height of 12.7 metres (as per the Captain Cook Bridge), with provision for a 60m wide navigation channel
  • viewing platforms and rest nodes to provide panoramic views of the river and city
  • high quality landing points that will connect and activate communities on either side of the Brisbane River
  • design features including solar panels, cooling vegetation and shade cover along the length of the bridge
  • two new unique dining options, including an above-water restaurant and bar, and riverside cafe, helping to create an iconic destination for Brisbane residents.

Key features

Spaces to enjoy the river views

Viewing platforms and rest nodes will allow people to better engage with the river, providing panoramic views of the CBD skyline, Kangaroo Point cliffs, City Botanic Gardens and the Story Bridge. These flexible spaces will provide seating, shade, and opportunities to pause on both sides of the bridge deck.

Celebrating our river city

The Kangaroo Point Bridge will celebrate the river city’s unique identity and sub-tropical environment. The single mast features a distinctive four-legged single pylon design, providing clear sight lines and space for generous viewing nodes either side of the bridge deck. At night, the bridge will provide a striking addition to the skyline, with programmable colour-change LED lighting allowing the bridge to recognise special events and celebrations.

High-quality landing points

The bridge landing points will touch lightly on the river’s edge and provide a new world-class landmark for both the city centre and the Kangaroo Point peninsula. They will integrate with nearby green spaces including the City Botanic Gardens, and C.T. White Park, recognising the rich history and heritage of each place. Upgraded public realm, along with enhanced connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, will provide comfortable, easy access for residents, commuters, and visitors alike.

Unique riverside dining venues

In addition to the new river crossing, the final design of the Kangaroo Point Bridge features two unique riverside dining venues, including an above-water restaurant and bar on the bridge, and a new riverside café at the city landing.

Council is pleased to announce the Tassis Group has been selected as the successful operator for the two new dining venues, helping to create an iconic destination and new riverside space for Brisbane residents for generations to come.

Find out more and view the unique riverside dining venues artist impressions gallery. Riverside dining venues images are also included in the artist impressions gallery on this page.



Accessible version

Download the Kangaroo Point Bridge location map (Word - 2.39Mb).

Bridge landings and ongoing connections

City landing

The City landing will provide a gateway for visitors to the CBD, City Botanic Gardens and riverside boardwalks.

Key features will include:

  • a new landscaped plaza with seating and central feature tree
  • a new riverside café
  • access to an above-water restaurant and bar
  • a connection for cyclists and e-mobility users to the CityLink cycleway
  • shared access to the City Botanic Gardens and Riverwalk, with key heritage features retained.

Download the accessible version of the project plan for more detailed information about the City landing:

Edward Street and Alice Street signalised crossing, Brisbane CBD

In late 2021, Council installed a temporary signalised crossing on the corner of Edward and Alice streets in the CBD to facilitate construction of the Kangaroo Point Bridge. Council has now upgraded this crossing to a permanent arrangement prior to the Kangaroo Point Bridge opening in late 2024.

The new signalised crossing will provide a continuous, safe and accessible link between the Kangaroo Point Bridge and the city centre.

Project features

Works to upgrade the signalised crossing included:

  • modifying Telstra services on Edward Street
  • constructing new paved footpaths on either side of the street corner
  • relocating the existing temporary traffic signals into their permanent positions
  • resurfacing the corner of Edward and Alice streets and installing new linemarking
  • reinstating driveways for the Stamford Plaza and the City Botanic Gardens
  • installing new kerb and channel, concrete islands, bollards, drainage and landscaping.

Download the project plan for the Edward Street and Alice Street signalised crossing in your preferred format:

Project benefits

The Edward Street and Alice Street signalised crossing:

  • enhances visibility of pedestrians, bike and e-mobility riders for motorists
  • provides a clearly defined crossing point for pedestrians, bike and e-mobility riders
  • enhances the broader transport network by providing direct connections between existing pedestrian, bike and e-mobility networks.
Kangaroo Point landing

The Kangaroo Point bridge landing will provide safe and convenient access to the surrounding active transport network.

Key features will include:

  • upgrades to C.T. White Park, with new plaza entry and landscaping
  • connections to existing footpaths in C.T. White Park
  • lift connection to the bridge deck
  • stair connection with seating areas
  • separated cycle and pedestrian paths, with space for a central feature tree
  • shared zone on Scott Street, with local vehicle access maintained.

Download the accessible version of the project plan for more detailed information about the Kangaroo Point landing:

Main Street and Deakin Street connection, Kangaroo Point

The Main Street and Deakin Street connection is now open, ahead of completion of the Kangaroo Point Bridge in late 2024.

The new connection provides direct and dedicated access for pedestrians, bike riders and e-mobility riders between the Kangaroo Point Bridge landing at Scott Street and the eastern side of the Kangaroo Point Peninsula, as well as ongoing travel to and from the eastern suburbs. 

The connection includes:

  • a new separated pedestrian and bike path between Main Street and Deakin Street
  • a new underpass via the existing Council depot beneath the Story Bridge
  • realignment of Deakin Street to provide an upgraded pedestrian path and two-way off-road bike path.

A raised priority crossing across Main Street near Scott Street will be installed by Council’s contractor Connect Brisbane, led by BESIX Watpac, in mid-2024.

Project benefits

The new connection will:

  • provide a continuous, safe and accessible link between Deakin Street and the new Kangaroo Point Bridge
  • improve safety for all road users by providing dedicated, separated areas for bike and e-mobility riders, pedestrians and motorists
  • enhance the broader transport network by providing direct connections between existing pedestrian, bike and e-mobility networks.

Speed limit review and traffic calming

A speed limit review of the local area was undertaken prior to the completion of the Main Street and Deakin Street connection.

Following this review, Council wishes to advise that a permanent speed limit of 40km/h on Main Street between Rotherham and Thornton streets has been endorsed by the Speed Management Committee (SMC). The SMC includes representatives from the Queensland Police Service, the Queensland Government’s Department of Transport and Main Roads and Council.

Council will also implement new signage and additional traffic calming treatments in mid-2024 to support the reduced speed limit to 40km/h, including:

Additional pavement marking:

  • similar to the existing treatment at the entrance of Thornton Street, red and yellow pavement marking will be installed on Main Street, in the northbound lane near the corner of Main and Thornton streets
  • this pavement marking will provide advanced warning for motorists entering changed traffic conditions, such as the reduced 40km/h speed limit and raised priority crossing.

Additional speed platform:

  • an additional speed platform will be installed on Main Street, 40 metres north of the raised priority crossing, to encourage vehicles travelling south along Main Street to slow down prior to the raised priority crossing.

Download the project plan for the Main Street and Deakin Street connection:

Keeping our city clean

Council and Connect Brisbane are committed to best-practice sustainability and minimising the impacts of the project on the environment and the community. As part of this commitment, the project will achieve an Infrastructure Sustainability rating using the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) rating scheme framework.

The Kangaroo Point Bridge will feature a number of sustainable design elements, including:

  • solar panels on the shade cover, helping to power the bridge’s lighting
  • rain gardens at C.T. White Park to slow stormwater run-off
  • extensive use of native plants in new landscaping.

Download the Kangaroo Point Bridge Sustainability Policy and BESIX Watpac's Sustainable Procurement Policy in your preferred format to learn more about the project’s commitment to delivering lasting environmental, social and economic benefits for Brisbane.

Project benefits

Reducing congestion on the ferry, bus and road networks

Faster and more convenient access to the CBD from Kangaroo Point and the eastern and south-eastern suburbs

Creating more than 300 jobs during construction

A new world-class landmark for Brisbane City and Kangaroo Point

Project timeline

Key milestones in the development of the Kangaroo Point Bridge.


Initial investigations and options assessment



Release preliminary business case



Initial consultation phase



Technical investigations and design development



Consultation on draft reference design



Release design of new walking and cycling connections







LATE 2021 TO 2024

Project background

A bridge connecting Kangaroo Point and the city centre has been considered since the 1860s. Council recommenced detailed planning in 2014 and in 2018 engaged consultants to undertake further technical studies on the bridge, including providing recommendations on the preferred alignment, landings and bridge options.

Preliminary business case

In September 2019, Council released the project’s preliminary business case key findings, which clearly demonstrated the benefits of the Kangaroo Point Bridge and value for money for Brisbane’s ratepayers. The preliminary business case identified a preferred alignment from the corner of Alice Street and Edward Street to Scott Street at Kangaroo Point. This alignment provides:

  • a safe and accessible connection
  • a gentler slope on the bridge and at landing points
  • more direct connections to existing pathways
  • better visual outcomes.

Community consultation

Community and stakeholder feedback has been critical to the development of the Kangaroo Point Bridge.

Initial consultation on the project was undertaken in late 2019. Council completed a detailed analysis of all feedback received and prepared an Initial Consultation Outcomes report.

Following the initial consultation phase in late 2019, Council undertook further technical investigations and assessments in early 2020 to inform the draft reference design.

In August and September 2020, Council undertook community consultation on the Kangaroo Point Bridge draft reference design. Council reviewed and analysed all feedback received and prepared a consultation summary document and consultation report that outlines the consultation process and feedback received.

Overall feedback indicated general positive support for the draft reference design, with 71% of survey respondents either completely or somewhat in favour of the overall design. 

In May 2021, Council released designs for new walking and cycling connections to the bridge for the community to provide feedback on.

The project team will continue to keep local residents, businesses and other stakeholders informed about the Kangaroo Point Bridge and will provide further information about expected construction impacts as the project progresses.

Project documents and resources

Download in your preferred format:

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