Brisbane City Council is building new green bridges across Brisbane to make it even easier for you to get around our city.

The Breakfast Creek Green Bridge and Lores Bonney Riverwalk extension will provide an enhanced active transport link, making it safer and more convenient to walk or ride along the river from the inner city to the northern suburbs. It will also enhance recreational experiences along the Brisbane River.

Procurement activities are well underway with three shortlisted tenderers expected to submit tenders for the right to construct the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge in the coming months.

Subject to approvals, Council expects a contract to be awarded by late 2021 and construction of the green bridge to start in early 2022, with expected completion by late 2023.

Consultation outcomes

In August and September 2020, Council undertook community consultation on the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge concept design.

Council reviewed and analysed all feedback received on the concept design and prepared a consultation summary document. A detailed consultation report was also prepared that outlines the consultation process and feedback received.

Download the: 

Dedicated cyclist and pedestrian paths are important

70% overall support for the concept design

Support for an enhanced active transport connection to Newstead Avenue

Feedback is helping to inform the final design for the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge, which is being refined through the detailed design phase of the project during 2021. 

Final bridge alignment and form

Council acknowledges some community feedback asking for alternative alignments for the bridge, and some concerns around the proposed arch design.

As part of the development of the concept design, Council investigated a number of options for the bridge alignment and form.

Based on these investigations, and the positive support for the concept design, Council is progressing the bridge based on the skewed alignment from the northwest corner of Newstead Park to Kingsford Smith Drive and Cameron Rocks Reserve. 

This alignment has been selected because it:

  • minimises impacts on key heritage places, including Newstead House and Newstead Park
  • provides a comfortable and accessible connection for all bridge users, that is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • avoids impacts to significant public utility infrastructure
  • maintains the ability for vessels to access Breakfast Creek
  • minimises flooding impacts in Breakfast Creek
  • future proofs potential options to upgrade the Breakfast Creek Road bridge and the east-west boardwalk connection.

Council is also progressing the arch bridge form as it:

  • maintains the existing navigational channel and vessel height clearance
  • can span Breakfast Creek in a single span to avoid adverse flooding impacts and;
  • causes the least obstruction to existing views.

About the concept design

In August 2020, Council released the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge concept design, which is summarised in the latest project update newsletter.

The concept design outlines the proposed bridge alignment, landing points, and structural form, as well as potential design features and upgrades to ongoing connections to the active transport network.

Key features include:

  • a distinctive arch bridge span across Breakfast Creek with a length of about 80m
  • dedicated pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, with a minimum width of 6m
  • an upgraded extension to the Lores Bonney Riverwalk at Cameron Rocks Reserve
  • a new bridge landing at Newstead Park, with landscape and urban design features to integrate with the unique heritage and landscape setting
  • ongoing active transport connections along Breakfast Creek Road and Newstead Avenue to Newstead Terrace.

As part of the development of the bridge design, Council is investigating opportunities for other design features such as seating, lighting, signage and rest nodes.

The concept design was informed by a range of technical studies and investigations, including an analysis of bridge alignment and form options, flooding and environmental assessments, and consideration of visual and social impacts, as well as community feedback.


Plan is indicative only and subject to approvals. 




  1. Bridge crossing
  2. New pedestrian and cycle path connecting to Lores Bonney Riverwalk
  3. Connection to existing boardwalk
  4. Bridge landing
  5. Integration with pedestrian paths
  6. Ongoing cyclist connections along Breakfast Creek Road and Newstead Avenue to Newstead Terrace

Accessible version

You can also download the:

Project benefits

Providing more opportunities for cycling and walking

Activating an underutilised part of the Brisbane River

Connecting business and employment opportunities with growing lifestyle precincts

Creating up to 140 jobs

Breakfast Creek Green Bridge fly-through video

You can also watch this video on Council's YouTube channel.

Artist impressions

Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Artist Impressions

You can also view the 'Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Artist's Impressions' album via Council's Flickr account.

Project timeline

Key milestones in the development of the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge.


Preliminary investigations



Initial consultation phase



Initial technical investigations and concept design development



Consultation on concept design



Detailed design and procurement

Current stage (Late 2020 to Late 2021)


Project construction

EARLY 2022 to end 2023

Project background

Initial consultation on the project was undertaken in late 2019 as part of the Green Bridges Program's early planning phase. Council has completed a detailed analysis of all feedback received and prepared an Initial Consultation Outcomes report.

Key feedback received on this bridge included:

  • general support for the proposed alignment, with around 62% of people supporting this alignment
  • general support for improved connectivity for cyclists and pedestrians between the new Lores Bonney Riverwalk and the inner city, with approximately 50% of survey respondents indicating they would use the bridge daily or weekly.

Following positive community feedback on the Breakfast Creek Green Bridge, Council undertook further technical investigations and assessments in early 2020 to inform the concept design. 

Project documents and resources

Last updated: 3 August 2021