Kangaroo Point green bridge

This artist’s impression is indicative of a draft reference design for a future vision of the Kangaroo Point green bridge, subject to further investigations and engagement with stakeholders.

Brisbane City Council is building new green bridges across Brisbane to make it even easier for you to get around our city.

The Kangaroo Point green bridge will link Kangaroo Point to the CBD, making it easier to walk or cycle between Kangaroo Point, the eastern suburbs and the CBD.

Initial consultation on the project was undertaken in late 2019. Council has completed a detailed analysis of all feedback received and prepared an Initial Consultation Outcomes report.

Key feedback received on this bridge included:

  • strong support from residents and commuters for the bridge and its benefits, with approximately 60% of survey respondents indicating they would use the bridge daily or weekly
  • strong support for the preferred alignment from Alice Street to Scott Street, with approximately 72% of people supporting this alignment.

Following the release of the project's preliminary business case key findings in September 2019, which clearly demonstrated the benefits of the Kangaroo Point green bridge and value for money for Brisbane's ratepayers, Council expects to complete a reference design for the bridge by mid 2020. 

The reference design will confirm the bridge alignment, landing locations and design for further consultation with the community in the coming months. Site investigations are underway and procurement for the design and construction of the Kangaroo Point green bridge is expected to commence later in 2020.

Subject to community feedback and government approvals, construction of the Kangaroo Point green bridge could commence as early as late 2021, with expected completion by the end of 2023.

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A preferred alignment extending from the Alice Street and Edward Street roundabout near the City Botanic Gardens, to Scott Street at Kangaroo Point has been identified.

This preferred alignment provides:

  • a safe and accessible connection
  • a gentler slope on the bridge and at landing points
  • more direct connections to existing pathways
  • better visual outcomes.


Once complete, the Kangaroo Point green bridge will be one of the city's most-used walking and cycling bridges. It will improve connectivity for Kangaroo Point residents and those in Brisbane's eastern and south-eastern suburbs by significantly reducing the time it takes to travel to and from the CBD.

By 2031, an additional 130,000 jobs will be located within a 20-minute walk from Kangaroo Point, and 100,000 additional jobs will be within a 20-minute bike ride from East Brisbane. The Kangaroo Point green bridge will also improve access to the river and amenities.

Providing a network of safe, convenient and connected pathways and bikeways enables residents and visitors to easily move around our city. Also, by encouraging more people to walk and cycle, we can improve the health and wellbeing of residents, and reduce the number of cars using city streets.

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Last updated:13 June 2020