Brisbane City Council is building new green bridges across Brisbane to make it even easier for you to get around our city.

The St Lucia to West End Green Bridge will create a vital active travel network, making it easier to walk or ride between the growing communities in West End and St Lucia as well as the University of Queensland (UQ).

Following the outcomes of community consultation on potential alignments and landing locations for the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge, Council is preparing a concept design and preliminary business case for the project for further discussion with the community in the second half of 2021.

Consultation outcomes

From 23 November 2020 to 31 March 2021, Council undertook community consultation on a shortlist of alignment options for the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge.

Council has reviewed and analysed all feedback received on the alignment options and prepared a consultation summary document. A detailed consultation report has also been prepared that outlines the consultation process, feedback received and Council’s response to key feedback themes.

Download the:


64% completely or somewhat support Option A

(Guyatt Park to Orleigh Park)


Minimise impacts to green space


Concerns regarding private property requirements

Preferred bridge alignment

Following initial technical investigations and feasibility assessments, and the outcomes of community consultation, Option A connecting Guyatt Park to Orleigh Park (near Morry Street) has been identified as the preferred alignment for the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge.

This alignment has been selected because it:

  • provides direct connectivity to high-frequency public transport, including CityGlider and CityCat services
  • would attract substantially higher patronage compared to other options, based on initial transport modelling
  • enhances access to green space on both sides of the river
  • integrates with riverside recreation and active transport networks
  • provides a comfortable bridge grade for all users
  • does not require resumption of private homes or property
  • enhances walking and riding access to UQ from West End via Macquarie Street, St Lucia
  • has positive support from the community and key stakeholders, noting careful consideration will need to be given to managing impacts on existing green space at Guyatt Park and Orleigh Park.

Council will prepare a concept design and preliminary business case based on the preferred alignment, for further discussion with the community in the second half of 2021. The Option B and C alignments presented during consultation will not be progressed.

Overhead map showing the indicative only positioning of the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge including the bridge structure and potential landing zones (subject to design). These are shown in relation to Hoogley Street, Orleigh Street, Morry Street, Orleigh Park, West End Ferry Terminal, Guyatt Park Ferry Terminal, Guyatt Parl, Laurence Street, Macquarie Street and Hiron Street.

Indicative plan of preferred alignment from Guyatt Park to Orleigh Park (near Morry Street).

Download the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge preferred alignment map (Word - 2.62Mb).

In preparing the concept design and preliminary business case, Council will further investigate the benefits, impacts and cost of the green bridge, and will consider the potential bridge form and structure, transport and economic benefits, property impacts, constructability, and how the bridge will integrate with the surrounding environment.

About the project

The St Lucia to West End Green Bridge will make it easier to walk and ride between St Lucia, UQ, West End, Highgate Hill and the CBD. Together with the Toowong to West End Green Bridge, it will connect to the city’s existing active transport networks, enhancing the river loop walking and riding experiences.

The new green bridge will:

  • improve active transport connections to St Lucia and UQ, particularly from the inner south, inner west and CBD
  • deliver greater accessibility to public transport for St Lucia residents, including high-frequency bus services in West End travelling to the CBD and Fortitude Valley
  • create a more direct route between the Bicentennial Bikeway and UQ.

Project benefits

Up to 4600 trips per weekday by 2041

Improving access to riverside parks and green spaces

Better access to public transport and city-wide walking and riding network

Faster connections between work, study and lifestyle precincts

Project timeline

Continued feedback from the community and stakeholders will play a critical role in developing the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge.

Council expects to complete the detailed business case for the project by late 2021, which will be discussed with the Queensland and Australian governments to help determine the next steps for the project, including potential funding and delivery timeframes.


Initial consultation phase



Initial investigations and assessments



Community consultation on alignment options



Prepare preliminary business case and concept design



Confirm delivery timings and funding


*Subject to consultation and government approvals.

Project background

Initial consultation on the project was undertaken in late 2019 as part of the Green Bridges Program's early planning phase. Council has completed a detailed analysis of all feedback received and prepared an Initial Consultation Outcomes report.

Feedback indicated many people are opposed to this bridge catering for buses or public transport. As a result, Council will be progressing the St Lucia to West End Green Bridge as a pedestrian and cycling connection only.

Other feedback received on this bridge included:

  • suggestions for Council to investigate alternative alignment options for the bridge
  • requests for Council to undertake further technical studies and consultation for the project
  • interest in the potential impacts of the new bridge on local communities and river users.

Following the initial consultation phase, Council undertook a range of technical investigations and studies on potential alignments and landing locations for this green bridge. This included traffic and transport modelling, environmental studies, site investigations and initial cost estimates. Based on these studies, Council released a shortlist of alignment options for the community to provide feedback on in November 2020. 

Last updated: 3 August 2021