Brisbane City Council is building new green bridges across Brisbane to make it even easier for you to get around our city.

The Toowong to West End Green Bridge will make it easier to walk or ride between the growing West End community and the Toowong Centre, rail and ferry services.

Following community consultation on the concept design for the Toowong to West End Green Bridge, Council is now undertaking a detailed analysis of all feedback received.

Council is committed to working with the community to deliver the Toowong to West End Green Bridge to help shape our city’s future, making Brisbane an even better place to live, work and relax for generations to come.

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Fly-through video

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Artist impressions

Toowong to West End Green Bridge concept design

You can also view the ‘Toowong to West End Green Bridge Artist Impressions’ album via Council’s Flickr account.

About the concept design

In November 2021, Council released a concept design for the Toowong to West End Green Bridge for community feedback. The concept design is based on the preferred alignment from the south east corner of 600 Coronation Drive, Toowong to Orleigh Park (near Forbes Street), West End.

The design aims to provide a modern bridge structure that touches lightly on the river’s edge and provides new ways to enjoy the river and local parks.

Key features include:

  • a curved single-mast cable stay bridge form with a length of about 280m and mast height of 75m above water level
  • a single water-based pier on the Toowong side of the Brisbane River to minimise impacts on river users
  • dedicated pathways for walkers and riders, with a minimum width of 6m and accessible grades
  • a bridge clearance height of 11.4 metres, with provision for a 70m wide navigation channel
  • a rest point and widened pathway (up to 9m) adjacent to the bridge mast with seating and viewing opportunities
  • shade along the length of the walking path
  • a new riverside green space at the Toowong landing
  • a landing at Orleigh Park that minimises impacts on open space and provides a direct connection to the walking and cycling network.

The concept design is not final and will be subject to community feedback, and further development during future stages of project planning.



Accessible version

Download the Toowong to West End location map (Word - 1Mb).

Toowong landing


The Toowong landing is located on the south east corner of 600 Coronation Drive, adjacent to Archer Street and south of Middenbury House. This landing will provide:

  1. New riverside park and plaza with seating and landscaping.
  2. Connection to existing walking and riding routes, via Archer Street.
  3. Opportunity for a future riding connection through 600 Coronation Drive to the Bicentennial Bikeway.

Download the accessible version of the Toowong landing map:

West End landing


The West End landing is located in Orleigh Park adjacent to Forbes Street, immediately north of the Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club, and the Cranbrook Place memorial site. This landing will provide:

  1. A direct connection to existing walking and riding paths on Riverside Drive and Hill End Terrace.
  2. New subtropical planting and park upgrades.
  3. Ongoing connections to the proposed St Lucia to West End Green Bridge.

Download the accessible version of the West End landing map:

Preliminary business case

Based on the concept design, Council has prepared a preliminary business case for the Toowong to West End Green Bridge, which has been informed by a range of initial economic, transport and technical investigations that have assessed the costs, benefits and feasibility of the project.

The preliminary business case indicates this green bridge would provide a value for money investment for Brisbane ratepayers, delivering improved accessibility and green transport options which will result in reduced congestion, increased economic activity and health benefits.

Key benefits include:

  • boosts inner city movement and cross river access
  • better connects existing green transport routes, including the Bicentennial Bikeway to The University of Queensland, and creates new strategic corridors in the inner city
  • reduces reliance on private vehicle trips and decreases vehicle emissions
  • supports growing e-mobility ridership
  • supports a clean, green and sustainable city and healthy lifestyle.

The Toowong to West End Green Bridge is expected to carry 3900 trips per day by 2031 and 5300 trips per day by 2041, based on assessments undertaken for the preliminary business case.

Faster and more convenient connections between work, study and lifestyle precincts

Improved access to public transport and city-wide walking and riding network

New and upgraded riverside parks

Project timeline

Feedback on the concept designs will play a critical role in helping to inform the ongoing planning for the Toowong to West End and St Lucia to West End Green Bridges.

Previous consultation undertaken on both bridges clearly indicated many residents see the Toowong to West End Green Bridge as a greater priority for Brisbane.

In response to this feedback, Council would deliver the Toowong to West End Green Bridge first. Works could commence on the Toowong to West End Green Bridge as soon as 2024, subject to funding and approvals, with each bridge expected to take around two years to complete.


Initial consultation phase



Community consultation on alignment options



Prepare preliminary business cases and concept designs



Finalise business cases and ongoing engagement with key stakeholders

Mid-late 2022


Staged project delivery*

2024 onwards

*Subject to funding and approvals

Community consultation

Community and stakeholder feedback has been critical to the development of the Toowong to West End Green Bridge.

Initial consultation on the project was undertaken in late 2019 as part of the Green Bridges Program's early planning phase. Council completed a detailed analysis of all feedback received and prepared an Initial Consultation Outcomes report

Following the initial consultation phase, Council undertook a range of technical investigations and studies on potential alignments and landing locations for this green bridge. This included traffic and transport modelling, environmental studies, site investigations and initial cost estimates. Based on these studies, Council released a shortlist of  alignment options for the community to provide feedback on in November 2020.

Council reviewed and analysed all feedback received on the alignment options and prepared a consultation summary document. A detailed consultation report was also prepared that outlines the consultation process, feedback received and Council’s response to key feedback themes.

Overall, feedback included:

  • very strong support for the alignment from 600 Coronation Drive, Toowong to Orleigh Park (near Forbes Street), West End
  • many requests for new green space at 600 Coronation Drive as part of the project
  • interest in timing for delivery with strong support for the Toowong to West End Green Bridge to be delivered as a priority
  • requests to minimise project impacts on river users and local residents.

Feedback will play a critical role in developing this green bridge, including final design treatments, ongoing connections to the city-wide walking and cycling network, and managing construction impacts.

Council will continue to keep local residents and stakeholders informed about the project as it progresses.

Project documents and resources


Consultation reports

Last updated: 1 March 2022

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