Private e-scooter parking rack trial

E-scooter use has significantly increased in popularity and Brisbane’s CBD is one of the most popular places to scoot around safely and easily.

To make it more convenient and secure for riders, Council is trialling two new parking racks for private e‑scooters in Brisbane’s CBD. These racks are being trialled on George Street, at the top of the Queen Street Mall and at Elizabeth Street, near the CityLink Cycleway.

Dedicated for private e‑scooters only, these parking racks are specifically designed for e‑scooters. For those looking to park their Neuron or Beam e‑scooters, visit E-mobility parking hubs for where you can conveniently park the shared devices.

About the trial

To deliver more modern travel options that meet the needs of our growing city, Council is trialling special parking racks dedicated to storing private e‑scooters to assess their effectiveness and benefit to the community.

This initiative is being delivered as part of Council’s Active Transport Infrastructure Fund program to make it easier and safer to actively travel around our city. Council is committed to ensuring safe, efficient and accessible active transport facilities across the city, continuing to improve the accessibility and connectivity of the network.

Council’s E-mobility strategy 2021-2023 is a key initiative of the Transport Plan for Brisbane – Strategic Directions (Transport Plan). It focuses on opportunities to encourage greater use of e‑scooters and other emerging, sustainable e‑mobility options as part of Council’s vision for a connected active travel network. This trial is one of those opportunities to make using e‑scooters more convenient for visitors and residents to Brisbane.

Private e‑scooter parking racks help ensure our footpaths and roads are kept clear and safe for pedestrians and road users. It also helps make bringing your own e‑scooter into the city safer and more convenient, making it easier than ever to actively travel in Brisbane.


The private e‑scooter parking racks are being trialled at two locations that were selected based on their proximity to key activity hubs where e‑scooter usage is high. One on George Street, near the top of Queen Street Mall and the other is near 180 Elizabeth Street, close to the CityLink Cycleway. These locations are shown on the map below.

Private e-scooter parking

Community feedback

Council is seeking community feedback about your experience with these private e‑scooter racks. Feedback from the community is an important part of this trial and it will inform the overall evaluation of the trial.

The trial is planned to run for six months, ending in January 2023. Council will monitor progress throughout the trial period and conduct a comprehensive evaluation once it is completed to assess the effectiveness of the racks and provide recommendations for their future use across the city.

You can provide feedback on this trial through a quick five minute online survey or via scanning the QR near the racks.

Using the private e-scooter parking racks

The private e‑scooter parking racks are specially designed to keep e‑scooters safe and secure. Using these racks will keep your device safe and keep the paths clear of clutter.

To use these racks, you need to place the neck of your e‑scooter into the opening at the top of the rack and use a locking device to secure it. You will need to supply your own locking device.

Last updated: 7 July 2022

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