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Wickham Terrace Car Park

Wickham Terrace Car Park is a heritage listed multi-level car park, located between Wickham Terrace and Turbot Street above Central Station. Brisbane City Council provides special offers at the King George Square and Wickham Terrace car parks. These parking facilities are located on the edge of Brisbane City in Spring Hill, and include: 

Lift upgrade works

Council is undertaking works to upgrade the two lifts in the Wickham Terrace Car Park to improve reliability, energy efficiency and provide greater accessibility.

The work will involve:

  • replacing the gearboxes lift motors, and electronics
  • upgrading the lift car interiors, lighting, and door panels
  • sanding and painting the tiled thresholds at each level
  • installing accessible button control panels with touch tones and braille.

Council will phase construction so that one lift is always operational while the other is being upgraded. Works will be undertaken on each of the eight levels that the lift services. Four parking spaces on level six will be temporarily restricted during works for equipment storage.

Council plans to start works in early November 2018 and take approximately six months to complete, weather and construction conditions permitting.

Construction will take place between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday.

Council would like to thank the community for their patience and understanding during these important works.

If you have any questions about the lift upgrade works, contact the project team on 1800 669 416 during office hours or by email the project team.

For general enquiries about the Wickham Terrace car park or information outside of business hours, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

Opening hours

The Wickham Terrace Car Park is accessible 24 hours a day and staff are present Monday to Friday from 5.30am to 9pm.

Vehicle entrance is via Turbot Street and via Creek Street into Wickham Terrace.

The 24 hours for a parking period commences at 5.30am.

Wickham Terrace Car Park is unmanned on:

  • weekends
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • New Year's Day
  • 9pm-5.30am Monday to Friday.

The car park may also be unmanned outside of these days at Council's discretion.

Public holidays

The Wickham Terrace Car Park remains open 24 hours a day on public holidays.

Vehicle entry and exit points

Wickham Terrace Car Park has two entry and exit points for vehicles via:

  • Turbot Street - entry and exit
  • Wickham Terrace via Creek Street - left-turn entry only
  • Wickham Terrace - left-turn exit only.

The vehicle height limit is 1.93 metres.

Pedestrian entry and exit points

Pedestrians can enter and exit the car park via:

  • the multi-level lift to the Anzac Square pedestrian subway (open Monday to Friday from 5.45am to 8.30pm)
  • Turbot Street (open 24 hours a day)
  • Wickham Terrace (open 24 hours a day).

Street level access is available from level four to Wickham Terrace.

Lift and stair access to subway tunnel to Central Station is closed from 8.30pm until 5.45am Monday to Friday and is closed on weekends and public holidays.

At night, from Monday to Friday until 8.30pm, a staff member will be available to escort customers to their vehicle. Requests for escorts must be made at the Turbot Street booth or from the automatic pay machine intercom.

Temporary notice

There will be no direct pedestrian access via the Anzac Square pedestrian subway from Monday 10 September until Saturday 10 November 2018 due to the Anzac Square restoration and enhancement project.

Payment options

Cash and credit card can be used at all automatic pay stations. Credit cards can also be used at all exit gates.

Automatic pay stations are located on level two and four. These machines do not accept Diners Club cards.

You can also pay for your parking with your mobile device using CellOPark

Discounted parking

Customers can access early bird discounted parking rates, or the discounted parking for hybrid vehicles if they are applicable and adhere to the conditions of entry. Customers can not claim both discounts at the same time.

Fees and facilities from 1 July 2016

Day parking

Monday to Friday parking hours from 5.30am to 6pm:

  • up to 15 minutes - free
  • up to 20 minutes - $5
  • up to half an hour - $10
  • up to one hour - $18
  • up to one and a half hours - $22
  • up to two hours - $25
  • up to two and a half hours - $27
  • up to three hours - $30
  • up to three and a half hours - $32
  • up to four hours - $35
  • more than four hours up to 6pm (for cars entering before 4.30pm) - $35
  • maximum business day rate until 6pm - $35

Vehicles entering the car park before 4.30pm and exiting after 6pm will be charged the applicable day parking fee until 6pm, with night parking fees applicable after this time

Hybrid and full electric vehicles are charged at half of the standard day parking fees (5.30am-9pm Monday to Friday)

Early bird parking

Early bird is available between 5.30-9am (Monday to Friday). Cars must exit between 1pm and 7pm. No ticket validation is required. Fee is $18 per day.

Early bird parkers must pay at the automatic pay stations on level 2 or 4 when exiting the car park to qualify for the discounted rate

Cars exiting before 1pm and after 7pm will be charged at day rates


The fee is $8 per day or part day.

Motor cycles must park in designated spaces and tickets must be validated during staffed hours for discount

Night parking

The fee is $5 for vehicles entering after 4.30pm and exiting before 5.30am the following morning

Overnight parking A $5 night time rate applies, provided you exit before 5.30am Monday to Friday. Normal day rates apply for exit outside of these times

Weekend and public holiday parking

Weekend and public holiday parking fees are $5. The applicable hours are:  

  • Saturday 5.30am-Sunday 5.30am
  • Sunday 5.30am-Monday 5.30am
  • Public holidays (full day)
Pass cards

The allocation of pass cards is currently full. The monthly fee is $410 per calendar month

For all cards this fee includes under-cover parking and unlimited access 24 hours a day


  • payments are due in advance. Prepaid monthly pass card holders will be invoiced for the following month
  • written notification (minimum two weeks in advance) is required for suspension or cancellation. Minimum period of suspension is two weeks. Cancelled cards must be returned to the Wickham Terrace Car Park

To check pass card availability or to apply for a pass card, phone Council on 07 3403 8888

Special bays - child/pram Level four (Wickham Street level)
Special bays - disabled parking

Level four (Wickham Street level)

There are designated bays for valid permit holders only

Read the terms and conditions of car park entry


13 November 2018