Parking permits | Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council regulates vehicle parking in Brisbane to ensure residents have access to on-street parking across our city. There are a number of Regulated Parking Permit Scheme Areas across Brisbane, including Traffic Areas, Parking Control Areas and parking areas.

These areas are defined by large signs on the boundary of the areas, while Regulated Parking Permit Areas are signed using smaller parking signs in each street where parking restrictions apply.

If you live within a Regulated Parking Permit Scheme Area, you may be eligible to apply for a parking permit. Find out more about parking permits, including resident parking, short-term and visitor permits, as well as commercial vehicle parking permits and disability parking permits in Brisbane. 

Find out more about parking permits

Find out where Regulated Parking Permit Scheme Areas are located across Brisbane and if you live in one. 

Council offers a range of parking permits to assist residents in easily accessing on-street parking. 

Read more about renewing or applying for a permit and how to easily obtain instant activation.

Council is transitioning to a new digital permit system. Find out more about the system and when to change your permit. 

29 October 2018