Ways to get involved

Being a member of Your City Your Say is just one way you can be involved in what's happening in Brisbane. There are many ways you can contribute, have your say, and find out more about current consultations, plans, strategies and decisions being made by Brisbane City Council.

1. Have your say online

Visit Your Say for details of all current opportunities to get involved in Council decision making, including online surveys. 

2. Take part in Neighbourhood Planning

If you live, work or own property in Brisbane you can be part of the Neighbourhood Planning process. It is important that Neighbourhood Plans reflect the views of as many people as possible.

3. Attend Lord Mayor and Civic Cabinet Listens forums

The Lord Mayor and Civic Cabinet Listens forum provides you with an opportunity to hear the Lord Mayor outline where Council is headed in the future and for you to meet the people who are making the decisions in your city. Most of all it is an opportunity for the Lord Mayor and Civic Cabinet to hear your views and discuss the issues that affect your community. Civic Cabinet Listens Forums are advertised one month in advance on Councils What’s On page.

4. Attend Council meetings

You are welcome to attend all Council's ordinary meetings and most standing committee meetings held in City Hall.

When attending meetings, members of the public are bound by the Rules of Procedure and must not interrupt the conduct of business.

Members of the public can seek approval to address the Council for a period of no more than five minutes during ordinary meetings on any subject relevant to the constitution, administration or condition of the City of Brisbane and within the jurisdiction of the Council.

Find out more about:

5. Read Council meeting minutes

Official business of meetings is noted in the minutes of proceedings and Council meetings are recorded. After Council confirms them, you can view the Council meeting minutes.

6. Contact your local Councillor 

You can contact your local Councillor to have a say.

7. Report an issue

There are many ways you can contact Council to report maintenance issues or requests.

8. Visible Ink Youth Hub

If you are aged between 12-25 years old, find out more about Council programs for young people.

Last updated: 26 July 2019