Council Annual Plan and Budget 2018-19

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Key areas

The key areas of the $3.1 billion budget include:

$968.3 million to continue to take action on traffic congestion:

  • $90 million continued investment on road resurfacing - resurfacing more than 500 streets
  • $96.4 million on Kingsford Smith Drive
  • $39 million on the Wynnum Road corridor
  • $35.6 million on the Telegraph Road corridor
  • $22.2 million on the Green Camp Road corridor upgrade
  • $20.6 million on suburban intersection improvements.

$717.3 million for delivering modern public and active transport systems:

  • $126.5 million to subsidise public transport
  • $33.6 million on CityCat and ferry services, including $4.5 million on a new CityCat
  • $40.1 million on Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) compliant bus stops and ferry terminals
  • $39.9 million on Brisbane Metro
  • $33.9 million to purchase an additional 60 buses
  • $959 thousand on new SpeedyCat - Express CityCat services.

$630.3 million to keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable:

  • $154.6 million on new and upgraded parks
  • $145 million on waste management
  • $105.3 million on flood resilience
  • $34.5 million on bushland acquisition
  • $15.2 million on recycling initiatives
  • $5 million for the Oxley Creek transformation.

$439.9 million for building our local economy while creating new jobs for the future:

  • $6.9 million on attracting tourism and major events
  • $5.2 million for Village Precinct projects
  • $4 million on crime prevention initiatives
  • $4 million on mall improvements
  • $1.7 million for the Business Hotline
  • $1.2 million for youth employment.

$351 million to increase the lifestyle and leisure opportunities in our city:

  • $75.2 million investment in Council libraries
  • $23.6 million on aquatic centres
  • $10.6 million on river hubs and access initiatives
  • $830 thousand to commence the School of Arts refurbishment
  • $166 thousand for Lord Mayor's children's concerts
  • $133 thousand to support historical organisations.

Lord Mayor's 2018-19 Budget speech

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Annual Plan and Budget documents

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Sections of the Budget documents

Schedule of Fees and Charges

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Investment and Debt Policies

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Previous budget 2017-18

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Last updated: 8 March 2021

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