I have a vacant shop

Brisbane City Council is encouraging pop-up use of vacant shops by providing property owners with:

  • help to find a suitable pop-up tenant
  • sample pop-up occupancy licence clauses
  • grants for the first 20 eligible property owners.

Review the Pop-up Shop Program disclaimer before registering your interest.

An active shopfront is more appealing and marketable than an empty shop as it shows how the space can be used effectively and supports the local business community by bringing new interest to the street. A pop-up occupancy licence will allow you to lease your property for the short-term, providing temporary activation while still marketing the property for a long-term tenant.

If you are the owner of a shop that has been vacant for more than six weeks, you can register your interest in getting help to find a temporary tenant.

If you are matched with a tenant, you can use Council’s sample pop-up occupancy licence clauses to enter into an agreement.

Places in the program are limited and subject to an assessment by Council of suitability and acceptable land use.

The shop must be:

  • vacant for more than six weeks
  • located on the ground level with street frontage or outdoor pedestrian mall frontage (not indoor shopping centres)
  • facing the street or mall with display windows
  • safe for immediate use
  • usable with functioning utilities (e.g. electricity)
  • available for short-term use (minimum of 60 days).

Help finding a pop-up tenant

Council maintains a register of businesses that are interested in trialling a pop-up space to help them grow. Council’s Economic Development team can work with you to help find a suitable tenant for your space.

Sample pop-up occupancy licence clauses

As a property owner, you can consider and use the sample pop-up occupancy licence clauses as a guide. This will help to minimise administrative and legal costs and allow you to organise the temporary occupation of the pop-up space as quickly as possible.

Whether you use Council’s sample clauses or not, to be eligible for the Pop-up Shop Program Grant the pop-up occupancy agreement needs to be for a minimum of 60 days rent-free, where the pop-up tenant pays utilities, but not outgoings.

How to participate

  1. If you have a vacant property and would like to participate, complete the vacant shopfront online form to provide some high-level information about the property.
  2. Council’s Economic Development team will then contact you to discuss the property and endeavour to connect you with a suitable temporary tenant.
  3. If a suitable tenant is found, you enter into an occupancy agreement directly with the tenant for a minimum of 60 days rent-free, where the pop-up tenant pays utilities but not outgoings.
  4. When you have a signed occupancy agreement with a tenant as a result of participating in Council's Pop-up Shop Program, you can apply for a Pop-up Shop Program Grant.

Pop-up Shop Program disclaimer

Brisbane City Council provides no warranty regarding the suitability, accuracy, reliability, fitness for purpose, effectiveness, benefits of or outcomes from any content, products, information or materials provided through these webpages, forms and related documents in support of the Pop-up Shop Program Initiative. Participants use and rely upon the content, products, information and documents at their own risk.

While Brisbane City Council will use its best endeavours, no responsibility is accepted for the suitability or fitness for purpose of any introduction, matching or partnering of property owners with interested start-ups or businesses for the vacant spaces and no endorsement or validation is implied or offered by Council by reason of that introduction. Participants must satisfy themselves through their own checks, enquiries and /or inspections in that regard.

Brisbane City Council provides no representation, warranty or guarantee as to any outcome, benefit or advantage, tangible or intangible, arising from or in relation to any opportunity or introduction offered, accepted or declined by a participant in the Initiative, and Brisbane City Council accepts no liability for any loss, damage, debts, costs, or expenses incurred or attaching to a participant through its involvement with this Initiative.

Last updated: 13 October 2021