Growing Brisbane's maker economy

Brisbane City Council aims to inspire entrepreneurship at the local community level to elevate the independent, artisan and bespoke to grow Brisbane’s maker economy.  Find out about the opportunities for support to start a maker-micro-business and connect with other maker businesses.

Maker Entrepreneurship Program

In partnership with BrisStyle Inc, Council is running a Maker Entrepreneurship Program to provide micro-business training to adults with existing creative skills to establish a market stall, start an online business and pursue other avenues to sell their creations.

A maker is one who creates a tangible item either by design or fabrication.  For example, artists, sewers, printers, potters, metalsmiths, jewellers, woodworkers, designers and more.  This program aims to help emerging makers monetise their work by selling their creations, and become maker-micro-businesses, which are often businesses of one, operating from home and selling at markets and online.  

2020 program

During the 16-week program 12 emerging business owners will be mentored and develop the skills, tools and resources they need to establish and maintain their emerging creative business and start their own online Etsy shops and participate in local market events boosting the local creative economy. The participants and their products are as follows:

Maker Product
Corinna Van Brakel Beauty products (soap, aromatherapy etc.)
Amy Dietrich Homewares, beauty products (soap, aromatherapy etc.), produce bags, bento bags and reusable cutlery sets
Jodie Dix Art and homewares
Anna Jacobson Paper goods, papercraft and art
Beatrice Schneider Jewellery, knitted beanies and bags
Imogen White Embroidery art and embroidered products (pencil cases, book covers)
Diana Bridge Homewares and printed fabrics
Laura York Art and homewares
Kari Steele Street style art for the home
Melinda Gagen Jewellery
Carolina Gadsby Art and clothing
Monica Pompei Paper goods, papercraft and jewellery

For further information about the program please visit the BrisStyle Inc website.

Last updated:19 May 2020