Innovative business

Brisbane is a city that nurtures and empowers cutting-edge businesses to achieve global recognition and success. Find out about innovative businesses in Brisbane in aviation and aerospace, creative industries, food and agribusiness, life sciences and resources/energy and how Council encourages innovation.

Innovative Brisbane

Brisbane was the first city in Australia to develop a digital strategy to ensure the city capitalises on the rapidly growing digital economy and the second city in the world to appoint a Chief Digital Officer to drive the city’s digital transformation

Digital Brisbane has delivered:

  • a new Digital Business Power-up program
  • Lord Mayor’s Budding Entrepreneurs Program
  • the Coderdojo program
  • CLICK! Digital Expo in partnership with Regional Development Australia

Find out more about the latest Digital Brisbane innovations.

Innovative Brisbane

Brisbane has been ranked in the top 15% for innovation environment out of 450 cities worldwide (2ThinkNow Innovation Cities Index 5014, ranks 450 cities worldwide).

Brisbane’s competitive strengths for innovation include:

  • research and development
  • excellence in education
  • access to a skilled workforce
  • expanding infrastructure
  • investment
  • proximity to Asian markets and opportunities

Innovative Brisbane showcases a selection of the city’s innovative capabilities and a range of cutting-edge companies in the following key industries:

  • aviation and aerospace
  • creative industries
  • food and agribusiness
  • life sciences: human health and biotechnology
  • resources and energy

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City Analytics

Council’s City Analytics team explores new ways to collect and analyse data, to provide deeper insights into our city. This includes internal and third-party data about how people are moving around and interacting with our city and its spaces.

By better understanding our city we can strive to spur economic growth, increase inclusiveness, and minimise environmental impact for a more sustainable future for all.

Email the team to learn more. 

Innovative proposals to Council

Council is eager to work with the private sector to explore unique and innovative proposals that provide or lead to an improved service for Brisbane ratepayers and residents, reduce delivery costs and align with the Brisbane Vision.

Find out more about our transparent and streamlined procurement approach for innovative proposals.

Creative innovations

Council’s Creative Brisbane Creative Economy Strategy aims to strength Brisbane’s liveability as a vibrant creative hub for talented people to develop creative economic potential. As part of this strategy, Council offers an Innovation Award for the successful pitch of inspiration and innovation in the creative sector.

Last updated: 8 June 2021