City Planning and Economic Development Committee

Committee membership

Summary table of the City Planning and Economic Development Committee Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Members.
Chair Councillor Krista Adams
Deputy Chair Councillor Fiona Hammond
Shadow Chair Councillor Kara Cook

Councillor Lisa Atwood

Councillor Peter Matic

Councillor Charles Strunk

The responsibilities of the City Planning and Economic Development Committee are to:

  • plan for the sustainable development of Brisbane to ensure economic prosperity and maintain quality of life
  • collaborate with other councils and Queensland Government authorities in regional planning and to implement the Queensland Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan as it pertains to the Brisbane local government area
  • plan sustainable neighbourhoods where Brisbane residents want to live and work
  • deliver on the outcomes of Brisbane’s Future Blueprint
  • ensure Brisbane retains the unique character of its architecture and natural attributes
  • promote a range of housing choices to cater for our diverse population
  • build Brisbane’s capacity for long-term economic growth through economic research, forecasting and analysis
  • partner with the business and development industry to ensure the sustainable development of Brisbane
  • deliver improvement projects in suburban shopping strips
  • streamline development assessment
  • decide delegated applications during recess
  • recommend major project applications to Council for consideration
  • enhance Brisbane’s economic position
  • promote and integrate Brisbane’s marketing and business attraction opportunities
  • promote investment in Brisbane
  • manage Brisbane’s Economic Development Plan and implement its recommendations
  • deliver Business Partnership Initiatives, the Lord Mayor’s Business Forums, and other measures which support Brisbane business at any level of growth
  • ensure the successful operation of Brisbane Marketing
  • encourage new opportunities in the tourism sector.

A “major project” is a project for which a development application has been lodged with Council which meets any or all of the following criteria:

  • the project will be of considerable impact to the city from an environmental, economic or planning perspective
  • the project will have a significant impact on Council infrastructure and resources
  • the project will require the planning scheme to be varied or overridden to give effect to the project
  • the Manager of Development Services decides that a particular project should be treated as a major project.
Last updated: 1 February 2021