Establishment and Coordination Committee

The Establishment and Coordination (E&C) Committee has been delegated significant responsibility by full Council. The Committee meets weekly to discuss policies and strategies in areas such as:

  • major projects
  • finance
  • urban planning
  • transport
  • environment
  • community services
  • city businesses.

It is in this way that E&C sets the strategic direction for Brisbane as a city and for Brisbane City Council as an organisation. The members of E&C review and make recommendations to full Council on major plans such as Council's vision, City Plan, corporate documents and city finances. 

The Lord Mayor is the chair of the committee, also known as Civic Cabinet.

Committee members

The Committee consists of the Chair of each of Council’s standing committees as follows:

  • Lord Mayor, Councillor Adrian Schrinner (Chair)
  • Deputy Mayor, Councillor Krista Adams (Deputy Chair)
  • Councillor Adam Allan
  • Councillor Fiona Cunningham
  • Councillor Vicki Howard
  • Councillor Kim Marx
  • Councillor David McLachlan
  • Councillor Ryan Murphy.

Publication Scheme

E&C has adopted a Publication Scheme for the proactive public release of its decisions. You can access the published decisions online.

Ten year release of decisions

E&C approved the progressive release of E&C decisions that are 10 years of age from 1 July 2000. This information will be routinely released each January. You can access the released decisions online.

Four year release of minutes

E&C approved the progressive release of E&C minutes that are four years of age from 1 July 2010. This information is released at the end of each financial year. You can access the released minutes online.

Last updated: 24 April 2020