Finance, Administration and Small Business Committee

Committee membership

Committee members of the Finance, Administration and Small Business Committee.
Chair Councillor Adam Allan
Deputy Chair Councillor Steven Huang
Shadow Chair Councillor Charles Strunk

Councillor Lisa Atwood

Councillor Angela Owen

Councillor Jonathan Sri

The responsibilities of the Finance, Administration and Small Business Committee are:

  • enable the efficient functioning of Council as an organisation
  • maintain and enhance the financial strength and performance of Council
  • ensure sound corporate governance and security
  • ensure that Council’s risks are identified and managed
  • promote and protect Council’s values, brand and reputation
  • ensure the community is brought up to date with the latest initiatives of the Council
  • ensure the procurement of Council’s goods and services provides best value for money while considering the benefits of using local suppliers
  • improve the quality and lower the cost of Council services
  • ensure the effective management of Council’s human resources, business processes, IT and property assets
  • enhance and maximise asset performance and fleet services
  • prepare the community to minimise the impact of disasters
  • work with the small business community to ensure Council is responsive to the needs of the sector and support the creation of local jobs.
Last updated: 24 April 2020