Meeting dates and locations

Brisbane City Council meetings and most Standing Committee meetings are held weekly (except during recess periods). The public are permitted to attend these meetings. However, you must comply with the rules of attending. The minutes from Council meetings and Standing Committee meetings are available online. Establishment and Coordination Committee meeting minutes are published online after four years.

Increased COVID-19 restrictions

Following the State Government's announcement of an extended lockdown in Greater Brisbane, Council and Standing Committee meeting will be conducted via video conference in order to maintain appropriate social distancing protocols. City Hall is also closed to visitors at this time.

This means that until further notice, members of the public are not able to physically attend Council and Standing Committee meetings, however the virtual Council and Committee meetings will be available for real-time viewing or listening on Council's streaming page.

The meeting dates and times for Council and Committee meetings remains the same as noted in the table below. Visit Council's streaming page at the noted time to watch a live stream of the meetings.

Standing Committee meeting locations

Council meetings and Standing Committee meetings listed by Committee name, day, time and location.
Committee name Day Time City Hall meeting room

Finance, Administration and Small Business Committee



1 and 3

City Standards, Community Health and Safety Committee Tuesday 8.30am 2
Public and Active Transport Committee Tuesday 9.15am 1 and 3

Infrastructure Committee




Environment, Parks and Sustainability Committee



1 and 3

City Planning and Economic Development Committee




Community, Arts and Nighttime Economy Committee



1 and 3

Councillor Ethics Committee Meets on an as-needed basis    

Recess periods

Council does not meet when it is in recess. You can view the Recess dates below or alternatively download a copy of the Council and Standing Committee Recess calendar (PDF - 45kb).

Summer Recess 2020-21

Last Committee meeting – 24 November 2020
Last Council meeting – 1 December 2020 
Council and Committees resume – 2 February 2021 

Autumn Recess

Last Committee meeting - 16 March 2021
Last Council meeting - 23 March 2021
Council and Committees resume - 4 May 2021

Budget Meetings

Lord Mayor’s budget presentation –  16 June 2021
Leader of the Opposition’s reply – 18 June 2021 
Budget information sessions – 18 and 21 June 2021
Budget debate – 23 and 24 June 2021

Winter Recess

Last Committee meeting - 8 June 2021
Last Council meeting - 15 June 2021
Council and Committees resume - 3 August 2021

Spring Recess

Last Committee meeting – 7 September 2021
Last Council meeting – 14 September 2021
Council and Committees resume – 26 October 2021

Summer Recess 2021-22 

Last Committee meeting – 30 November 2021
Last Council meeting – 7 December 2021 
Council and Committees resume – 1 February 2022

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Last updated: 2 August 2021