Types of Council meetings

Ordinary meetings

Brisbane City Council's Ordinary meetings are in City Hall Council Chamber, 64 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Public access is via level 2. Meetings are on Tuesdays at 2pm (except during recess periods).

The Chairman of Council, elected by the Councillors, presides over each meeting. The Lord Mayor does not chair the proceedings. The bells ring at 2pm to summon Councillors to the chamber.

Official business of meetings are in the minutes of proceedings. Ordinary Council meetings are streamed when Council meets. 

A typical meeting agenda includes:

  1. Apologies and leave of absence.
  2. Confirmation of minutes.
  3. Public participation.
  4. Question time.
  5. Reception and consideration of the Standing Committee's reports:
    • Establishment and Coordination
    • City Planning and Economic Development
    • Public and Active Transport
    • Infrastructure
    • City Standards, Community Health and Safety
    • Community, Arts and Nighttime Economy
    • Finance, Administration and Small Business.
  6. Presentation of petitions.
  7. General business.

Special meetings

The Chief Executive Officer must call a special Council meeting if:

  • required by Council resolution; or
  • a written request, signed by the Lord Mayor or nine or more Councillors is lodged. The request must state the reason for the meeting and propose a meeting date and time

Budget meetings

Budget meetings are in June each year and include:

  • the Lord Mayor's budget speech (the Chairperson of Finance and Economic Development Committee can also make this speech)
  • the Opposition Leader's response
  • information sessions about each of Council's programs (the public can attend these sessions as observers)
  • a budget debate
  • a vote on the motion to adopt Council budget.

Standing Committee meetings

The roles and responsibilities of Standing Committees are as delegated by Council.

Standing Committees (other than the Establishment and Coordination Committee and the Councillor Ethics Committee) meet each Tuesday morning (except during recess periods). Their reports and recommendations are forwarded to the Council ordinary meeting the following week for adoption.

Last updated:23 July 2020