Attending Council and Standing Committee meetings

The public is welcome to attend all Brisbane City Council meetings each Tuesday afternoon from 1pm during session, and most Standing Committee meetings each Tuesday from 8.30am during session. 

Bookings are not required to attend meetings. It is recommended that visitors arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting to allow sufficient time for the sign in and security process. For Council meetings, there is seating in the public gallery. City Hall staff will direct you to the designated visitor seating area.

The media regularly attends Council meetings and reports proceedings from special seating allocated in the chamber.

The Council Chamber and Committee rooms can accommodate people with a disability. Find out how to access City Hall or phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to speak to City Hall Operations.

Rules of attending ordinary Council meetings

Visitors are bound by the Meetings Local Law 2001 and conditions of entry to the public gallery area. Visitors must not interrupt the conduct of business and maintain strict silence. It is prohibited to record or photograph from the public gallery, unless first approved by the Chair of Council.

Download and read the:

Speaking at an ordinary Council meeting

You can apply for approval to speak at an ordinary Council meeting. Applications to address Council are considered and approved by the Chair of Council.

Topics presented to Council must be a matter of public interest, as determined by the Chair of Council. Public addresses made to Council will be live streamed and a record will be made publicly available.

Accommodations will be made for people with a disability, if required. Complete the sections on Auslan, mobility aids and/or special needs on the application to address Council to ensure suitable arrangements are made. Find out how to access City Hall or phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to speak to City Hall Operations.

If you receive approval to address Council, the following rules apply:

  • the address shall not exceed five minutes
  • no debate shall follow your speech
  • the Lord Mayor or a Standing Committee Civic Cabinet Chair may respond on Council's behalf, otherwise you will be provided with a written response as soon as possible.

Download the application form to address Council:

You can also collect an application by visiting Council or from any Ward Office.

Submit the form by:

For questions about the process or structure of addressing Council, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to speak to the Council and Committee Liaison Office.

Rules of attending Standing Committee meetings

If you attend a Standing Committee meeting, you must not:

  • interrupt the meeting
  • talk, even in whispers
  • enter or leave the Committee room after the meeting has started
  • argue with the Chair, if they ask you to leave for any reason.

Rules of procedure

Council operates under the conventions and practices of the Westminster system of government, similar to those of the Australian Parliament. The following rules apply to Council meetings:

  • Councillors must stand in their places to speak, unless unable to do so due to a disability
  • Councillors may speak once only to a motion for a maximum of 10 minutes (unless granted an extension of time)
  • motions must be seconded
  • the mover of a motion has the right of reply before the vote is taken
  • votes are decided on the strength of voices. If a division is required, the Councillor's votes are recorded individually. If the votes are equal, the motion is lost
  • a point of order may be raised for alleged breaches of the Rules of Procedure
  • it is customary that all persons acknowledge the Chair of Council when entering and leaving the chamber.
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