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7 June 2019

We all want to make a difference and support a cleaner and greener Brisbane by taking small actions in our homes, like recycling. Yet, despite our good intentions, we often get stuck wondering what can be recycled, where it goes once collected each fortnight, and why it matters.

7 June 2019

Plastic is not fantastic! Approximately 38,000 tonnes of plastic was sent to landfill in Brisbane last year via household rubbish bins, including lots of plastic products that could have been recycled or avoided.

10 May 2019

Did you know many of your kitchen scraps can easily be composted to create rich nutrients for your garden instead of going to landfill?

10 May 2019

Take your eco-warrior spirit to the streets with more to see and do for Brisbane’s greenest thumbs at events happening across the city in the coming weeks.

16 April 2019

Food waste is a big part of what goes into Brisbane’s bins but thankfully it’s quick, easy and free to regrow a host of food scraps into delicious fresh produce to help keep your kitchen, and Brisbane, clean and green.


Last updated:26 April 2019