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Keep up to date with everything clean and green! Use this blog to find tips, tricks and more regarding reducing, reusing and recycling as well as information about Brisbane natural environment.

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[Updated April 2020] Brisbane’s shady trees and abundant bushlands mean that many of us are neighbours to significant, native animal species. Want to know how you can do your part to help our iconic animal friends? 

Coeliac disease is a serious autoimmune condition affecting one in 70 Australians. With Coeliac Awareness Week coming up from 13-20 March, check out these recipes that won’t cause a flare-up – helping you minimise waste in your kitchen and stay gluten-free.

Whether you have a competition garden, balcony vignette or are getting ready to grow your own fruit and veg, gardening is a way to wind down, connect with nature and help our urban forest grow.  To help you embrace your green thumb, check out some gardening tips and tricks from a pro.  

Practice being successfully sustainable all year round with a full calendar of green and eco events being held across Brisbane. We’ve done the work to wrap them up so all you have to do is pop a reminder in your calendar!

Whether you're trying to keep the purse strings tight or are looking for more ways to be sustainable, we’ve got plenty of ways you can achieve more with less food waste in 2020.

Turning on the air-con on a 35-degree day might be a quick trip to cool-down town, but while satisfying, many of us are hoping to reduce our juice and keep cool in more sustainable ways.

You heard it here first folks, being clean and green is totally in – the kids are doing it, the plants are doing it, even the books in your local library are doing it!


Last updated:11 November 2019