Vehicle emissions testing

Brisbane City Council is working to improve diesel vehicle emissions in the commercial transport sector. As part of the Clean Air Strategy, Council provides the only state accredited vehicle emission testing (VET) facility in Queensland that is available to the public. To date, over 8600 tests have been conducted on Council and non-Council vehicles.

The standard emission test (DT80) involves:

  • restraining a vehicle on a rolling-road dynamometer to simulate normal driving conditions
  • capturing and analysing exhaust emissions according to Australian Standards (rule 147A)
  • measuring oxides of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, methane, particle emissions and opacity.

The VET facility can also test emissions from alternative fuels.

Testing benefits

Testing benefits include:

  • Australian government diesel fuel credit scheme eligibility. Read the current fuel tax credit rates and eligible fuels. You can claim diesel fuel tax credit if your vehicle has a minimum gross mass of 4.5 tonnes and was manufactured before 1996
  • identification of emissions or harmful pollutant levels
  • improved environmental footprint of your fleet
  • vehicle fault identification
  • improved vehicle performance and resale value
  • improved fuel efficiency

The test also provides:

  • an emission results report
  • a horsepower and torque output reading
  • a certificate of compliance

Fact sheets

Download the vehicle emissions testing fact sheet:

More information

For more information, you can contact the VET team by:

  • phoning Council on 07 3407 0497
  • sending a fax to 07 3403 2001
  • sending an email.
Last updated: 7 May 2019