Bushland reserves map

Select a marker on the map to find out where bushland reserves are across Brisbane. You can also use the second map to explore popular bushwalking tracks and bike riding trails around Brisbane’s bushland reserves.

The personal safety of Brisbane residents and visitors is our top priority. Due to coronavirus, some of our events, facilities, services and venues may have been impacted. 

At this time, our bushland reserves remain accessible and open to the public for exercise. Protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing in our parks and bushland reserves and complying with public gathering requirements for non-essential gatherings.

Check our Coronavirus: Council updates and impacts page for latest updates, cancelled events and venue closures. 

Bushland reserves

Bushland reserves tracks

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Caring for our bushland reserves

Find out how Council is caring for these bushland areas and what you can do to help.

Ensure you follow the rules. Understand what activities are permitted and where. Know and follow the regulations and expectations that apply to your chosen activity in a bushland reserve.

Last updated: 1 September 2020