Stones Corner Precinct - Hanlon Park project

Brisbane City Council is pleased to advise construction works for the Hanlon Park rejuvenation project recommenced in late July 2020.

Early construction works for the nature-themed play area are expected to be completed by late October 2020, weather and site conditions permitting. The major construction works for the remaining elements of the project are expected to start in mid-September 2020 and be completed by late 2021, weather and site conditions permitting.

The Hanlon Park project is part of the Norman Creek 2012-2031 Master Plan and Council’s commitment to creating more to see and do in a clean and green Brisbane. The park is being revitalised by removing the concrete drain and returning Norman Creek to a natural waterway through the park, while also transforming the area into an attractive and versatile public space that supports the growing Stones Corner Precinct.


This table provides summary information on the Hanlon Park redevelopment project including address, ward, project outcomes and latest update.
Address Hanlon Park, between Cornwall Street and O’Keefe Street, Stones Corner
Ward Coorparoo
Project outcomes Transform Hanlon Park into an attractive and versatile public space to support the growing Stones Corner Precinct.
Latest update and plans

Start of major construction works will commence in mid-September 2020.

Download the staging plan and traffic detours for the main works in your preferred format:

Download the concept plan for the nature-themed play area in your preferred format:

Download the final concept plan in your preferred format: 

About the project

Hanlon Park is a large, open green space in the heart of Stones Corner that is being revitalised by removing the concrete drain and returning Norman Creek to a natural waterway through the park.

The park will be transformed into an attractive and versatile public space that supports the growing Stones Corner Precinct – creating a vibrant urban oasis with more to see and do.

The new nature-themed play area will be located off Lincoln Street, close to the Stones Corner Community Kindergarten. The area will provide natural play opportunities for ages 0-12 years, including sliding and climbing equipment, sand play and swings, as well as shelter and seating areas for the community.

Project benefits

The Stones Corner Precinct - Hanlon Park project will deliver a space that:

  • revitalises Norman Creek, which runs through the park
  • enhances the environment with more trees and natural spaces
  • increases recreational and social opportunities for residents and visitors
  • enhances connectivity and accessibility within the park and local area
  • boosts local economic vibrancy with a new place to relax and enjoy.

The concept plan was developed through community consultation in early 2018, including a co-design workshop and online survey, as well as extensive technical investigations and community feedback in late 2018. 

Construction impacts 

Construction works will generally take place from Monday to Friday between 6.30am and 6.30pm. 

Properties close to these works may experience some construction noise, dust, vibration and increased truck movements during these times. The large-scale excavation required to remove the concrete drain and ground materials to create the new natural waterway will create a higher volume of truck movements along Cornwall Street, Junction Street, O'Keefe Street, Earl Street, Lincoln Street and Myrtle Street at times. Due to workplace health and safety requirements, reversing beepers cannot be switched off.

The remaining major construction works will start with the site establishment, which includes closing off of the informal car park on Cornwall Street so construction facilities, vehicles and equipment can be accommodated on site. The Cornwall Street footpath will remain open throughout construction and traffic control will be in place at the site entrance to safely guide footpath users when construction vehicles are entering or leaving site.

The walkway to the park from near the corner of Zillah Street and Lincoln Street will also be temporarily closed during project works and some areas temporarily fenced off for safety reasons while construction works take place. This includes the shared bike and pedestrian pathway through the park.

Works will start at the Cornwall Street end and progress through the park towards O'Keefe Street. These works will take place in key stages, weather and site conditions permitting:

This table reflects stages and timings for Hanlon Park project main works
Stage Start Finish
Stages 1a and 1b Mid-September 2020 Early-mid 2021
Stages 2a and 2b Early-mid 2021 Late 2021
Stages 3a and 3b Early-mid 2021 Late 2021

Where safely possible, these areas will be progressively reopened as works in each stage area completed. Council will ensure appropriate signage and traffic control measure are in place to safely direct park users around the works.

Council will need to remove two large trees and 23 smaller trees in the middle of the park as part of excavation works. Three tuckeroo trees have already been relocated within the nature-themed play area. Where tree hollows can be retained, Council will maintain them to encourage wildlife to continue to inhabit these areas. All work will be carried out in accordance with the relevant environmental guidelines. Vegetation impacts will be offset through replanting 462 trees, including a number of significant tree species, and planting over 43,000 shrubs and groundcovers within the park.

Every effort will be made to minimise environmental impacts and disruption to the local community during construction. Council is committed to keeping the community informed of construction in the area and will provide advance notification for any major impacts and out-of-hours activities. 

Thank you in advance for your patience while we undertake these important improvements at Hanlon Park.

Community feedback 

Community feedback received on the draft concept plan was overwhelmingly supportive. Council received several suggestions that have been considered in the detailed design, including: 

  • relaxed, quiet park facilities at the corner of Junction and Myrtle streets, including seating and shade
  • a vegetation buffer between the Stones Corner Community Kindergarten and new park facilities
  • consideration of the angle of the pathway connection at the new creek crossing between Oxford and Fern streets
  • play elements for children aged 0-12 in the nature-themed play space
  • increased shade cover to include native vegetation.

We would like to thank the community for taking the time to provide their feedback on the Hanlon Park project.

You can find a summary of community feedback on the draft concept plan for Hanlon Park on Council’s Your City Your Say website.

Previous community engagement

Council asked the community in early 2018 to provide their ideas and thoughts on what they would like to see and experience as part of the transformation of Hanlon Park and the surrounding precinct.

The community provided their feedback and ideas through a community co-design workshop and online survey, as well as extensive technical investigations. Council also hosted a community co-design workshop with local residents where three park concept sketches were created. 

The community’s ideas and thoughts collected during this community engagement period informed the development of the draft concept plan, alongside the three concept sketches and extensive technical investigations. 

Key findings from this community engagement about Hanlon Park included:

  • creating a naturalised creek system that enhances waterway health and the natural environment
  • the park should be a shady space incorporating large trees and solutions to cool the environment
  • the upgrade to Hanlon Park should support active transport for pedestrian and cyclists
  • Hanlon Park should be a vibrant liveable space that supports recreation, leisure, cultural and community activities, including space for picnics, play equipment, and tables
  • living with water so that the precinct designs have flooding and low flow in mind.

Other project works

Logan Road underpass

Council will be constructing an underpass at Logan Road in Stones Corner as part of this project – similar to the access under Cornwall, Juliette and Ridge streets. This will provide alternative access under Logan Road to link with Gladys Street. Due to the tidal nature of Norman Creek in Stones Corner, it will not be feasible to make this an all-weather access.

Brisbane Metro

A small section of Hanlon Park will be used as a construction zone to facilitate nearby works at the Buranda Busway Station, as shown on the concept plan. Once the Metro work is completed, Council will consult with the community again on what they want this greenspace to contain.

For more information about the Brisbane Metro project you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 692 333 during business hours
  • email
  • visit Brisbane Metro.

More information

If you would like to find out more about the project, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 669 416 during business hours
  • phone 07 3403 8888 outside of business hours
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Hanlon Park project team
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated:18 September 2020