Waste programs for schools

Brisbane City Council provides a number of different services to help schools minimise their waste. These include education programs for students and teachers, tours of the landfill site, assistance with waste management plans and organic recycling workshops.

Rethink Your Rubbish education programs

Council offers free waste education programs to school groups as part of its commitment to reduce waste and increase the recovery, reuse and recycling of resources.

The Rethink Your Rubbish programs are run by Council’s education officers. They are interactive and entertaining presentations on waste and resource management.

Program sessions include:

It's NOT a load of rubbish 

A general presentation on the issues associated with waste. The session also includes a hands-on exploration of a worm farm.

Mad about worms 

Students learn about organic recycling, including how to set up and maintain a worm farm.

Litter bugs 

Students explore where litter comes from, its impact on the environment and what can be done to reduce it.

Nude food 

Students learn about lunch without waste.

What's in the bin? 

Students discover how to carry out a waste audit and how to investigate the types and amounts of waste found in a typical school rubbish bin.

Munch and Crunch 

This session explores food waste and why it is such a problem.

Bookings and more information

For more information about any of these programs, workshops and assistance, or to make a booking, email your details to the Waste Minimisation Education Officer.

You can also download the program brochure:

Towards Zero Waste Education Centre

The Towards Zero Waste Education Centre is a Council education initiative based at the Rochedale landfill site. The Centre hosts visitors from Brisbane schools and community groups who wish to learn more about waste minimisation and landfill operations. Visits are free and include a guided tour of the land fill and a waste minimisation workshop.

Waste management assistance

Council aims to help schools develop school waste management plans and implement waste and minimisation practices with ideas such as:

  • school waste assessment tool (SWAT)
    SWAT is an online tool that provides a five-step approach to managing school waste in a sustainable way through assessing the quantity and types of waste being generated, reviewing current waste and recovery systems, developing a waste management plan and increasing the recovery of materials that should not go into landfill
  • free recycling bins
    Council offers a recycling service to schools that have a waste collection service with Brisbane City Council
  • professional development sessions for staff
    Education officers are able to conduct professional development sessions for staff on waste minimisation and resource management. Officers can advise, facilitate and support school communities to implement sustainable waste practices and embed them in ongoing school policies and day to day school operations
  • practical advice
    Council officers are available to visit your school and provide practical advice about waste disposal as well as recycling infrastructure and services
  • education programs
    The Rethink Your Rubbish education program and the Towards Zero Waste Education Centre are Council's free waste education services offered to school groups and kindergartens

Organic recycling workshops in schools

Council offers schools the opportunity to host free community composting and worm farming workshops at their school. Each workshop includes the basics of composting and worm farming, including different methods, ingredients and principles.

Council will take care of all of the marketing for the event, provide the workshop facilitator and all of the necessary materials. 

To make a booking, email your details to the Waste Minimisation Education Officer.

Last updated:22 October 2019
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