Waste Smart Kindy Program - terms and conditions

  1. These terms and conditions set out all of the information you need to know regarding the Waste Smart Kindy Program (Program). By entering the free online professional development course or submitting an application form, you agree that these terms and conditions apply to you.

Free professional development course for educators

  1. Brisbane City Council (Council) is offering a free online professional development course to early learning educators and outside school hours care providers that work in the local government area of the City of Brisbane (Educators and Care Providers).
  1. The course provides Educators and Care Providers with knowledge, skills and resources to support sustainable waste practises in day-to-day centre or service operations and covers the following 4 units:
    1. Setting up a Waste Smart Kindy – learn how to manage the waste at your early learning centre or service more sustainably;
    2. Recycling – find out what can be recycled and how to encourage recycling within your early learning centre or service;
    3. Compost and worm farming – learn how to set up and maintain a compost bin or worm farms with practical and easy tips from the experts; and
    4. Munch and crunch – discover how to reduce food waste at your centre, (the Course).
  2. Educators and Care Providers can complete all of the units in the Course at once, or complete units one at a time.
  3. On completion of all units in the Course, early learning educators that work within the local government area of the City of Brisbane will be posted a Waste Smart Kindy toolkit containing the following items:
    1. personalised certificate as evidence of your professional development in waste minimisation;
    2. bin stickers for rubbish, recycling and organics bins to help sort waste;
    3. guide to sorting rubbish poster for use in your centre or service’s kitchen or kindy rooms to help staff and helpers correctly sort different waste items;
    4. pop out Council rubbish truck; and
    5. fact sheets for families of your centre or service including Waste Smart Ideas for Families and Waste Smart Lunches.
  1. Outside school hours care providers are not eligible to receive the Waste Smart Kindy toolkit.

Who can apply to become a Waste Smart Kindy

  1. Applications to become a Waste Smart Kindy are open to early learning centres (EL Centres) and services:
    1. that care for 0-4 year olds including family day care, for profit and not for profit day care; and
    2. that are located within the local government area of the City of Brisbane.

How to apply

  1. To apply, the director or manager of the EL Centre must complete the application form on Council’s website and provide evidence that the EL Centre has satisfied the following requirements:
    1. a minimum of 75% of the staff at the EL Centre have completed the Course within the last 3 years;
    2. the EL Centre’s induction process for new staff has been updated to include training regarding waste smart practises;
    3. the EL Centre displays materials from the Waste Smart Kindy toolkit such as the poster and bin stickers;
    4. the EL Centre has communicated the waste smart message to the wider community (e.g. distribution of fact sheets to families, sharing waste smart activities on social media and newsletters);
    5. the EL Centre has developed and implemented an action plan based on the individual action plans from the Course for waste smart measures at the EL Centre;
    6. the EL Centre has developed and implemented new initiatives to become more waste smart;
    7. the EL Centre has performed waste audits including an initial audit and a follow up audit 3 months later which indicate a reduction in the amount of waste being sent to landfill;
    8. the EL Centre has provided examples of how all staff at the EL Centre are active and engaged in reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill and making other positive changes within the EL Centre. For example:
      1. organising a new recycling and/or green waste collection service (if a service was not already in place);
      2. providing newsletters or other communications to the EL Centre’s community about being waste smart;
      3. successfully maintaining a compost bin, worm farm, bokashi, chickens, guinea pigs or similar initiative to reduce or transform food waste; and
      4. incorporating waste smart practises at events at the EL Centre (e.g. open days, fetes, fundraisers, clothes or toys swaps);
    9. the EL Centre demonstrates a willingness to reflect upon the successes and challenges of being a Waste Smart Kindy; and
    10. the EL Centre demonstrates a commitment to continual improvement in waste smart practises.
  2. Only one application per EL Centre will be accepted.
  3. Council will not accept applications which are incomplete or illegible.
  4. If the Course or Program cannot run for reasons beyond Council’s control, Council reserves the right to cancel, suspend, modify or terminate the Course or Program.
  5. If an application satisfies the requirements in paragraphs 7 and 8, Council will make an appointment to visit the EL Centre.
  6. All decisions made by Council regarding any aspect of the Program are final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

How applicants and EL Centres are notified

  1. Council will notify applicants of the outcome of their application by telephone and/or email within four weeks of the date their application submission.
  1. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply by completing the application form if they are notified of an unsuccessful application.

Waste Smart Kindy award pack

  1. Successful applicants will receive the following for their EL Centre:
    1. an education pack of early learning resources and equipment focusing on waste minimisation to the value of approximately $200 (including GST). The pack will include a choice of two of the following items:
      1. one book pack containing a selection of early learning picture books relating to waste, recycling and sustainability (valued at approximately $100 (including GST))
      2. worm farm, worm blanket, instructional sign and worm poster (valued at approximately $80 (including GST))
      3. compost bin, instructional sign and compost aerator (valued at approximately $85 (including GST))
      4. raised garden bed (valued at approximately $90 (including GST))
      5. recycling game (valued at approximately $95 (including GST))
      6. two paper making kits (valued at approximately $80 (including GST))
    2. the choice of Waste Smart Kindy signage from the options available e.g. fence banner or corflute sign
    3. a certificate for the EL Centre acknowledging the EL Centre as a Waste Smart Kindy
    4. the EL Centre will be listed as a Waste Smart Kindy on Council’s website at for a period of three years (the Award Pack).
  2. Council will contact the successful applicant to arrange a suitable date for the local Councillor to present the Award Pack within four weeks of Council notifying the applicant in accordance with paragraph 14.
  3. The Award Pack is not exchangeable or transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. Any additional expenses incurred by the successful applicant, other than those outlined in these terms and conditions, are the responsibility of the successful applicant.
  1. The successful applicant’s status as a Waste Smart Kindy is valid for a period of three years from the date the local Councillor presents the Award Pack.  During this period, the successful applicant can display the Waste Smart Kindy signage and advertise their status as a Waste Smart Kindy.
  1. At the conclusion of the three-year period, successful applicants can re-apply by completing the application form.

Privacy consent

  1. By submitting an application form, you acknowledge and agree that:
    1. your personal information and information regarding your EL Centre shall be collected and stored by Council; and
    2. Council may use and disclose the personal information and other information provided by you for the purpose of conducting the Program and for any of the purposes set out in Council’s Privacy Policy (available at https://yoursay.brisbane.qld.gov.au/privacy).
  1. If requested by Council, the successful applicant agrees to participate in promotional activity (such as publicity and photography) in relation to the Waste Smart Kindy Award Pack, free of charge. The successful applicant:
    1. consents to Council using their name, the EL Centre’s name and address, likeness, image and/or voice (including photograph, film and/or recording of the same); and
    2. agrees to provide Council with photographs of the EL Centre and consents to Council using the photographs, in any media for an unlimited period without compensation for the purpose of promoting the Program (including any outcome).

No liability of Council

  1. Council accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any problems or technical malfunction of any communication network or for any late, misplaced, lost or ineligible applications.
  1. The successful applicant is responsible for their use of the Award Pack, including complying with all relevant laws and any applicable terms and conditions of use.
  1. Council makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of the Course or the Award Pack.
  1. To the extent permitted by law, Council is not liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss which includes but is not limited to loss of actual or anticipated profit, loss of goodwill, loss of reputation, loss of opportunity, loss of savings and/or loss of contract) or for any personal injury sustained in connection with the entry into the Program or Course, or acceptance of the Award Pack. This paragraph is not intended to exclude any liability which cannot be excluded under Australian consumer protection laws. Any such liability is limited to the resupply of the Award Pack.

Program updates or cancellation

  1. Council reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and to cancel or amend the Program at any time without further recourse to the applicants. Any updates to these terms and conditions will be published on Council’s website.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Queensland.

Last updated: 13 May 2019