Professional development course for educators

Brisbane City Council is offering a professional development course to early learning educators and outside school hours care providers that work within the Brisbane local government area. The course provides educators with knowledge, skills and resources to support sustainable waste practises in day-to-day centre or service operations.

The course covers four key units:

Unit one: Setting up a Waste Smart Kindy
Learn how to manage the waste at your centre more sustainably.

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Unit two: Recycling
Find out what can be recycled and how to encourage recycling within your centre.

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Unit three: Compost and worm farming
Set up and maintain a compost bin or worm farms with practical and easy tips from the experts.

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Unit four: Munch and Crunch
Discover how to reduce food waste at your centre.

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Each unit aligns with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Standards for early childhood and will include information, suggested activities and videos.

Educators can complete all units of the course at once, or complete units one at a time. We recommend starting with Unit one: Setting up a Waste Smart Kindy.

On completion of all units in the course, early learning educators that work within the Brisbane local government area will be posted a Waste Smart Kindy toolkit containing the following items:

  • personalised certificate as evidence of your professional development in waste minimisation
  • bin stickers for rubbish, recycling and organics bins to help sort waste
  • guide to sorting rubbish poster for use in your centre or service’s kitchen or kindy rooms to help staff and helpers correctly sort different waste items
  • pop-out Brisbane City Council rubbish truck
  • fact sheets for families of your centre or service including Waste Smart Ideas for Families and Waste Smart Lunches.

Outside school hours care providers are not eligible to receive the Waste Smart Kindy toolkit.

Last updated: 20 October 2020