Teacher resources - recycling and reducing waste

Brisbane City Council has created free online lesson plans and fact sheets to help teachers with information about waste minimisation, recycling and litter prevention. These resources provide ideas, games, activities that cover the areas of recycling, waste minimisation, compost and worm farming, litter prevention, waste disposal, nude food and more, and include curriculum links and other educational references.

Lesson plans

These lesson plans have been designed by qualified educators with expert waste and recycling knowledge to help teachers meet curriculum objectives. The lesson plans include activities, games and curriculum links for various years on the topics of litter, nude food, organic recycling, packaging, waste minimisation and waste. 


Nude food

Organic recycling


Waste minimisation

What is waste?

Fact sheets

These fact sheets are designed to be printed and used as a resource to help supplement a lesson and help your class find out more about reducing and recycling waste.

Recycling materials


Lunchtime Legends

Sort the falling rubbish into the two school bins. Beat the clock and your friends to become Brisbane's best recycler. Once you've mastered lunchtime recycling, take your knowledge home and become the king of composting.

Lunchtime Legends is available for download from the Apple App Store to play on iPads. 

Worm World

Find out what food worms like best in this enjoyable and educational game. Give your worms the right foods, good soil, and water to keep them happy. Watch out for pesky rats and ants.

Worm World is available for download from the Apple App Store to play on iPads.

More information

For more information about these teaching resources and other waste and recycling support for schools, contact Council’s Waste Minimisation Education Officers.

Last updated: 17 May 2021
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