Guide to reducing waste in schools

Brisbane City Council's 'A School's Guide to Reducing Waste' provides tools and information to help Brisbane schools develop a waste action plan to:

  • manage waste streams
  • understand how much waste is generated 
  • explore sustainable alternatives such as recycling and composting.

The guide steps through the waste audit process and how to take steps to reduce waste.

Why reduce waste in your school?

By implementing a waste action plan you can deliver positive outcomes for your school, students, community and the environment.

School outcomes

A school waste action plan helps schools to:

  • reduce waste
  • reduce school waste disposal costs
  • reduce litter
  • develop environmentally sustainable waste practices.

Student outcomes

A school waste action plan helps students to:

  • learn and make informed decisions about recycling, resource management, waste management and sustainability
  • develop collaborative work skills with other students
  • develop a sense of pride and commitment
  • develop knowledge, skills and values for sustainable living.

Community outcomes

A school waste action plan benefits the community by:

  • diverting waste from landfill
  • engaging the broader school community to work together
  • inspiring other sustainable initiatives in the community.

Environmental outcomes

A school waste action plan benefits the environment by:

  • reducing waste disposal to landfill
  • conserving non-renewable natural resources
  • reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Step 1: Download the guide


If you'd like a hard copy of this document, email us.

Step 2: Waste audit kit

Understanding what type of waste your school creates is the first step to reducing it.

Your school can borrow a waste audit kit to make it easy to do a school solid waste audit. The kit includes basic equipment and instructions and is free to borrow. Delivery can be arranged.

Complete the online form

Step 3: School waste assessment tool

After completing your school solid waste audit and reading the guide, enter your data into the online school waste assessment tool to generate a report to help you develop targeted actions to reduce waste.

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