Report bin problems

Use this page to find information about:

  • requesting a new bin or bin repair
  • reporting a stolen bin
  • reporting an abandoned or unwanted bin at your property.

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Bin repairs

Brisbane City Council repairs damaged bins for free. Council recommends not making any repairs to your bin. Report your damaged bin to Council following the bin repair instructions below.

Coronavirus restrictions

Restrictions are in place for the Brisbane Local Government Area. Find out more.

Council is gradually replacing the dark green/grey wheelie bin lids with red lids. This is in accordance with the Australian Standard for waste bins. 

Bin repair contractors are not permitted to carry out repairs on private property or private access roads. Before you request repairs to your bin, you must:

  • put the bin outside the property on the footpath (contractors cannot carry out repairs inside or on private property). Note - If you live in a private complex (e.g townhouse development, or an estate with a private road), your bin will need to be placed outside the complex (whether gated or not) on the public footpath/kerbside until the repair is completed
  • leave the bin on the footpath until repaired or replaced

Your bin must not be more than half-full at the time of repair/replacement.

Contact Council to get your bin repaired. Bins are repaired as soon as possible.

In-home bin service repair

You can contact Council online to request a damaged bin repair for an in-home bin service.

Stolen bins

Before you contact Council about replacing your stolen bin, check your neighbour hasn’t taken your bin by mistake. 

Contact Council for a replacement bin. It will be delivered as soon as possible.

Unwanted, found or abandoned bins

You can report an unwanted or found bin for removal. Bins will be picked up by the contractor as soon as possible.

Last updated: 30 September 2021
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