Kerbside collection

Brisbane City Council's kerbside collection is an annual service to help you dispose of large household items. Council delivers the service to all Brisbane suburbs.


  • carries out collections on a specific week for each suburb
  • will notify you of your collection week by delivering a flyer to your property. The flyer is delivered at least one week before the collection starts in your suburb.

You can also receive free reminders before your kerbside collection by:

Ensure you:

You must place your items for collection on the kerbside in front of your property by 6am on the first day of the collection period.

Kerbside collection calendar suburb listing

Select your suburb in the drop down list to view the collection week for your suburb. 

Council updates this calendar every six months. Note: if your suburb has already been collected this financial year, your next collection will be approximately the same time next year.

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Note: do not place your items on the kerb until the weekend before the collection date. Illegal dumping fines may apply if you place items on the kerb outside the scheduled collection period.

Last updated:23 May 2019