Every year, Brisbane experiences severe weather, including summer storms. Get advice on how to prepare your property, emergency kit and plans, and how to stay safe before, during and after severe weather.

Early warning alert service

2022 severe weather recovery

Find what you need

Rebuild and recover statistics

A snapshot of the February 2022 severe rain and flood event impacts to Council assets and programs, and the repair and recovery work undertaken by Council.

Be storm ready

Brisbane can experience severe weather each storm season, so it's important to take the time to prepare. Find what you need for an emergency kit and emergency assistance.

Be prepared for flooding

Simple things you can do to prepare your home and family for flooding and to minimise the impact of flooding on your property.

Flood maps on mobile device

Online flood maps

Find out if your area is at risk of flood so you can be prepared to reduce the impact of flooding on your home or business. 

Emergency kit and plans

Are you prepared?

Prepared communities

Disasters can strike with little or no warning and it’s important for Brisbane communities to be prepared, especially if you know that your area is likely to be isolated by severe weather or flooding, or if you have vulnerable groups within your community.

Disaster management plans

Find out about Council's disaster and severe weather management plans and our efforts to help keep the community safe.

Other natural disasters and hazards

There are a number of other natural disasters and hazards that could affect Brisbane including dust storms, earthquakes, heat waves and landslides. Find out what you can do to be prepared.

Check your flood risk

Use Council’s new interactive Flood Awareness Maps to understand your flood risk, the sources of flooding that may affect your property, and how you can prepare your home, family and business.

Disaster Readiness checklist

This checklist helps you determine the things you need to know, the actions you should be taking, and your understanding of your environment before and during a disaster.

Bushfires and planned burns

Managing fire is vital for protecting our homes and maintaining environmental habitats. Find out about planned burns and how you can prepare your family, pets and property ahead of the bushfire season.

Last updated: 4 August 2022

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