State Emergency Service (SES)

The State Emergency Service (SES) is a volunteer organisation that provides support to the community in times of emergency and disaster. Brisbane City Council also offers free sandbags that can be collected from some SES depots.

SES members are highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who undertake regular ongoing training to help vulnerable members of the community during or after emergencies.

Storm and flood emergency assistance

Phone 132 500 or log your request online for assistance during storm and flood emergencies.

SES are not currently offering food drops during the current weather event.

All other emergencies

Phone triple zero (000) for other emergency situations such as:

  • fire
  • medical emergency 
  • rescue 
  • cyclone
  • lost persons 
  • vehicle accidents.

SES functions

In Brisbane, the major functions of the SES are to:

  • provide temporary, emergency storm damage repairs to habitable areas of private residences
  • assist in times of flood, including emergency sandbagging (for the elderly, infirm, or members of the public with a disability or medical condition that prevents them from helping themselves), and other emergencies as required
  • help Queensland Police Service (QPS) with missing person and forensic searches
  • assist QPS with public safety during large public events
  • provide community education to help the community to be more resilient.

SES depot projects

Find out about SES depot projects currently under construction:

Last updated: 28 February 2022

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