Creative Sparks Program 2018 grant recipients

The following Creative Sparks grants projects were approved in May 2018.

Successful grant recipients receive funding to implement creative projects, develop professional practice or foster creative entrepreneurial partnerships with Brisbane artists and cultural workers.

Category - creative projects

Category one, creative projects that enrich Brisbane's communities, sorted by recipient, project name, description and amount approved
Recipient Project name Description Amount approved
Hannah Cooper Futcha Ancients The project will develop a large portrait installation featuring five strong First Nation women who represent future warriors wearing hand woven costumes. The installation combines the historical art of portraiture, science fiction and traditional Indigenous weaving. $11,000
Liesel Zink INTER The project is a new contemporary dance and spoken word collaboration exploring themes of inter-connectivity in science and humanity. Inter reflects on the importance and fragility of connectedness; between people, in ecosystems, moments in time and space $11,000
Lisa Kurtz Verge Collective: GLOWING EDGE The project will provide mentoring workshops to six Brisbane-based emerging visual artists with internationally recognised artist Marian Drew. $9990
Nathan Sibthorpe CRUNCH TIME The project will present a season of 'CRUNCH TIME' at Metro Arts in November 2018. 'CRUNCH TIME' is live performance where audiences watch a live-feed projection of a cooking show broadcast from a nearby kitchen. Throughout the show, audiences use technology to vote on each ingredient used in the preparation of the meal. $11,000
Sancintya Mohini Simpson Bloodlines: Women of Indentured Labour The project will present a new work called 'Bloodlines: Women of Indentured Labour'. This exhibition of Indian miniature paintings, with accompanying sound, video and prose, acknowledges the history and experiences of women taken from South India to South Africa as indentured labourers. $11,000
Vulcana Women’s Circus As If No-one Is Watching The project will develop and present a new work called 'As If No-one is Watching'. This performance will use circus, dance, sound, theatre and digital media to exchange ideas and stories with audiences at multiple sites around Brisbane Powerhouse. $8200

Category - Creative Development

Category two, creative development projects that enrich Brisbane's communities, sorted by recipient, project name, description and amount approved
Recipient Project name Description Amount approved
Belloo Inc. Rovers The project will support the final creative development of a new contemporary theatre work called 'Rovers'. This work celebrates the stories of Australian Indigenous and non-Indigenous women. $10,994.50
Boxcopy Limited FUTURE PROOF 2018 This project will support five recent Queensland graduates through Boxcopy Limited's FUTURE PROOF 2018 program. The program provides mentoring and exhibition opportunities for emerging artists to help them build audiences and professional skills. $10,120
Carol McGregor Skin Country This project will create an oversized, contemporary possum skin cloak for The Commute, a unique and collaborative Indigenous exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art from September to December 2018. $9624
Creative Broadcasters Limited Talking Radio to the Community This project will provide training for Brisbane radio producers and local musicians. They will develop skills in voice, scripting, storytelling, interview techniques, digital editing, mastering and using recording equipment in various environments. $7640
Daniel McKewen Dancing On My Own (Empty Orchestra) This project will create large-scale video portraits of karaoke singers for an exhibition at Milani Gallery in 2019. $10,780
Danielle Zuvela Libby Harward Artist Commission for Why Listen to Plants? The project will support the creative development of Libby Harward's work, 'Why Listen to Plants?', at Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha. $10,835
Digi Youth Arts Inc Next Steps This project will provide professional development training for a young Brisbane-based Indigenous producer through Digi Youth Art Inc's Next Steps mentoring program. $9570
Flipside Circus Association Inc The Dogs in the Schoolyard This project will develop and present a new circus/physical theatre work called 'The Dogs in the Schoolyard'. This work is a collaboration between the young artists of Flipside Circus Association Inc, professional artists and playwright Elaine Acworth. $7830
Outer Space Artist Run Initiative Incorporated Outer Space ARI Early-Career Artist Development Program The project will support a development program for 14 early-career visual artists. Artists will create work and develop their practices over 16-week residencies. $11,000
Queensland Youth Jazz Network Inc Talkin' Jazz Performance Workshop Two The project will deliver 'Performance Workshop Two', a 10-day jazz education program held at the Brisbane Jazz Club. $11,000
Therese Collie White China The project will support the design development of a new mainstage play. 'White China' is the story of a Chinese/Australian family played out against the backdrop of the 1974 Brisbane flood. $11,000

Category - Creative Economy

Category three, creative economy projects that enrich Brisbane's communities, sorted by recipient, project name, description and amount approved
Recipient Project name Description Amount approved
Julie Robson, Auspiced by Igneous Incorporated  Daughter: Building Performance with Jill Greenhalgh and Women of Brisbane The project will support the development and presentation of an intimate new performing arts work. 'Daughter' explores mother-daughter relationships and will be created by 10 diverse women in a week-long community workshop. $9987


Last updated: 13 May 2019

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