Adopting an animal


If you’re thinking of bringing a new animal into your home, view the animals available for adoption by visiting the Animal Welfare League Queensland’s (AWLQ) website. If you can’t find your pet of choice, check back every couple of days.

The staff at the animal rehoming centres will give you advice and assess if the animal is suitable for your circumstances.

Health check and documentation

All animals available for adoption at Brisbane City Council's animal rehoming centres have had full health and behaviour checks, including:

  • desexing
  • vaccinating
  • worming
  • microchipping.

When you adopt your pet, you will receive their de-sexing certificate and any treatment information for veterinary services they received while at the animal rehoming centre.

Choosing the right pet for you

Before you buy a pet, there are important issues you need to think about, such as:

  • if you are prepared for the lifetime commitment and cost of pet ownership
  • how much free time you have
  • if you have children or elderly people living with you
  • the temperament of the pet you want
  • if you rent your home, remember that some rental contracts don't allow pets
  • what you will do with your pet when you're away from home

If you have other pets, you should also consider how a new pet will fit in with your existing ones.

Dogs and cats are popular choices for pets. Find out the responsibilities of owning a dog or a cat.  To look at the requirements of other pet options see our page on pets other than cats or dogs.

Surrendering an animal

Council understands that from time to time, people are unable to continue to care for their pets.  As such, Council’s animal rehoming centres also provide the ability for an animal keeper to surrender their pet (fees apply).

AWLQ are responsible for the animals in their care and they set the animal surrender fees. Please contact that animal rehoming centres for more information about animal surrender fees. 

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