Animal rehoming centres

Brisbane City Council has two animal rehoming centres that provide a safe environment for all lost and surrendered animals in Brisbane.

The Animal Welfare League Queensland (AWLQ) administers the animal rehoming centres and specialises in the care of animals. AWLQ’s promise is to never euthanise a healthy, sociable or treatable animal. Every effort is made to reunite lost pets with their owners and to rehome any unclaimed animals that are healthy and sociable.

To view the animals available for adoption, you can visit the Animal Welfare League Queensland’s (AWLQ) website.

Coronavirus and animal rehoming centres

Due to restrictions in response to coronavirus announced by the Australian and Queensland Governments, Brisbane City Council is implementing public health control measures requiring social distancing to help prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

The personal safety of Brisbane residents, visitors and contractors is our top priority. As such, Council has reviewed the operations of our two Animal Rehoming Centres at Willawong and Bracken Ridge (Warra). As a result, the Animal Rehoming Centres will have restricted access and only customers meeting the below criteria will be able to enter the site:

  • found a stray animal (Brisbane residents only)
  • lost a pet
  • reclaiming a pet
  • adoption or foster enquiry
  • recently adopted an animal and need assistance.

The front access gates at both facilities will be closed and a sign placed on the gate advising of the restricted services and access. Customers will be required to call the Rehoming Centre phone number, as listed on the sign, and talk to the receptionist about the reason for their visit, their need to enter the site will then be assessed. 

Information on the sign includes:

  • For staff and customer welfare the Animal Rehoming Centre is closed to general access. Essential services will still be provided.
  • Please call reception at Warra 3631 6800 or Willawong 3714 2800 for further information regarding:
    • if you have found a stray animal (Brisbane Residents only)
    • if you have lost your pet
    • if you need to reclaim your pet
    • if you have an adoption or foster enquiry
    • if you have adopted an animal and need assistance.
  • Please be advised only one person will be allowed to enter the Animal Rehoming Centre at a time.

Further information on Animal Rehoming Centres can be found on the AWLQ website. Please refer to this website for any lost animal or adoption enquiry. 

For more information about owning and caring for a pet in Brisbane, call Council's Contact Centre on 07 3403 8888.

For more information on Council's response to coronavirus, visit the Coronavirus: Council updates and impacts page.

We are working closely with the Australian Government and Queensland Health and will continue to be guided by these agencies on all matters of public health. As the state’s lead agency on coronavirus, Queensland Health is providing the necessary advice to all Queenslanders including current travel bans, self-quarantine and information on how to best protect yourself and others. For health advice, visit the Queensland Health website


Warra Animal Rehoming Centre

523 Telegraph Road, Bracken Ridge

Phone: 07 3631 6800

Address and opening hours of the Warra Animal Shelter.
Days Opening times
Monday to Friday 12 noon-6pm
Saturdays 10am-3pm
Sundays 10am-3pm
Public holidays Closed


Willawong Animal Rehoming Centre

501 Gooderham Road, Willawong

Phone: 07 3714 2800

Address and opening hours of the Willawong Animal Shelter.
Days Opening times
Monday to Friday 12 noon-6pm
Saturdays 10am-3pm
Sunday 10am-3pm
Public holidays Closed
Last updated:9 April 2020