Looking after your pet

Many households in Brisbane have a pet cat or dog. When pets roam into natural areas they can have a significant impact on native wildlife. Brisbane City Council encourages residents to take responsibility for their pets to ensure that natural areas are protected. 

Bad behaviour

Pets 'behave badly' when they:

  • are not controlled and are allowed to roam free
  • are poorly socialised as pups or kittens. When well socialised with a wide range of people, animals and situations they are more likely to be calm and well behaved adults. 
  • have not been provided regular training. This takes time, patience and commitment.

What is Council doing

Council is encouraging you to take responsibility for your pet by providing advice to the community about responsible pet ownership. Council also enforces the Animals Local Law 2017 and the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008. 

What you can do

Protect natural areas from misbehaving pets by following these guidelines:

  • ensure that your pet cannot escape from your property by installing appropriate fencing or cat enclosures and keeping your gate closed
  • desex your pet to avoid unwanted litters
  • identify your pets with a name tag and microchip, and register your dog
  • don’t leave uneaten pet food outside as this can attract pest or stray animals
  • report any stray cats and dogs to Council
  • keep your cat inside or secured from dusk to dawn
  • always keep your pet securely restrained, even in natural areas
  • always clean up your pet’s poo
  • don't let your pet attack or scare people
  • when at the beach or in natural areas never let your pet chase birds or other animals because:
    • this frightens them
    • native species are protected by law
    • migratory shorebirds are especially vulnerable to stress.

More information

Phone Council on 07 3403 8888 for further information on responsible pet ownershipstray animals, the Animals Local Law 2017, animal shelters and specific natural areas.

Find out more information from RSPCA or PetPEP.

Last updated: 3 May 2019