Pest animals and invasive species

Brisbane enjoys many beautiful natural areas with abundant wildlife. Unfortunately many species have been introduced into the natural environment and these pest species compete for food and shelter and prey on native animals. The effective management of these pest animal species is therefore essential to ensure the long-term survival of the native species that still remain amongst us.

Brisbane City Council is committed to addressing pest animal management to ensure the protection of native species and their habitats.

Exotic species are introduced to both land and water environments where they threaten native plants and animals.

Learn about the local pests and how to control them and reduce their environmental, social and economic impact.


Pest animal and invasive species information

Find out what is a pest animal or plant, what Council is doing and what you can do to help control these pests.

Biosecurity Act 2014

Declared plants are those identified by the Queensland Government as undesirable species and are listed in the Biosecurity Act 2014. Find out more about the plant and animal species you need to report to Council or to Biosecurity Queensland.

Invasive Species Management in Brisbane

Find out about the Biosecurity Plan for the Brisbane Local Government Area. The document outlines the priority species for management, and the actions that will be taken to respond to invasive species in Brisbane. 


Red-eared slider turtles

It is illegal to keep, breed, sell, or knowingly harbour red-eared slider turtles in Brisbane. Learn more about the red-eared slider turtle.

European red fox

The European red fox is a declared pest animal. Find information about fox management, description, habitat and fox proof poultry pens.

Feral deer

Learn about problems caused by wild deer and control measures land owners can take.

Wild dogs and dingoes

Find out about wild dogs in Brisbane, and how to manage wild dog problems.

Biting midges

Information about biting midges in Brisbane.


Rats and mice

Advice on controlling a rodent problem. Includes how to rodent proof your house and the use of poison baits and traps.

Common myna

Information about the common myna.

Cane toads

How to remove unwanted cane toads. Includes a brief history of the introduction of the cane toad to Australia.

Non-domestic cats

Find out information about prevention and control of non-domestic cats including feral cats.



Mosquitoes are a part of living in Brisbane’s subtropical climate and can breed at a rapid rate. 


Report a rabbit sighting and learn how to control rabbit problems in your property.