Threatened species

""Brisbane is Australia's most biodiverse capital city with the highest diversity of native plants and wildlife of any other capital city. Despite more than 100 years of European settlement and being part of one of the fastest growing regions in Australia we still have 63 different vegetation communities with over 800 species of wildlife, numerous invertebrate species and over 2800 species of native plants.

Due to the pressures of this growth however, some of these species are threatened and to help conserve these species, Council has developed Wildlife Conservation Action Statements that identify and prioritise actions around protection, management and ongoing monitoring.

The statements can be used in different ways including:

  • sourcing technical species information
  • application of habitat management and protection guidelines
  • implementation of key actions that will assist in securing the future of these species in Brisbane

Fauna Conservation Action Statements

Download and read the fauna Wildlife Conservation Action Statements:

PDFs Word documents
Small marsupial carnivores (PDF - 2Mb) Small marsupial carnivores (Word - 707kb)
Platypus (PDF - 1.5Mb) Platypus (Word - 1.2Mb)
Gliders (PDF - 1.6Mb) Gliders (Word - 716kb)
Squirrel glider (PDF - 1.6Mb) Squirrel glider (Word - 1.4Mb)
Flying foxes (PDF - 1.2Mb) Flying foxes (Word - 1Mb)
Grass owls (PDF - 2Mb) Grass owls (Word - 1.1Mb)
Large forest owls (PDF - 1.9Mb) Large forest owls (Word - 1.1Mb)
Coastal raptors (PDF - 1.6Mb) Coastal raptors (Word - 1.2Mb)
Woodland raptors (PDF - 1.9Mb) Woodland raptors (Word - 1.1Mb)
Crakes and rails (PDF - 1Mb) Crakes and rails (Word - 643kb)
Temporary water frogs (PDF - 1.7Mb) Temporary water frogs (Word - 568kb)
Stream-dwelling frogs (PDF - 1.9Mb) Stream-dwelling frogs (Word - 367kb)
Tusked frog (PDF - 1.5Mb) Tusked frog (Word - 501kb)
Wallum froglet (PDF - 1.6Mb) Wallum froglet (Word - 482kb)
Freshwater fish
Soft-spined sunfish (PDF - 1.3Mb) Soft-spined sunfish (Word - 1.3Mb)
Collared delma (PDF - 1.5Mb) Collared delma (Word - 279kb)


Download and read the flora Wildlife Conservation Action Statements: 

PDFs Word documents
Angle-stemmed myrtle (PDF - 1.4Mb) Angle-stemmed myrtle (Word - 1Mb)
Cunningham's jute (PDF - 2Mb) Cunningham's jute (Word - 999kb)


In April 2012, the Australian Government declared the koala as vulnerable across Queensland. Upon receiving advice from the Threatened Species Scientific Council, the Environment Minister listed the koala as a threatened species under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Find out about what Brisbane City Council is doing to protect the koala, including helping to establish a koala research centre at Lone Pine Sanctuary. 

Glossy Black Cockatoo Conservancy

The Glossy Black Conservancy is a regional partnership to conserve the Glossy Black Cockatoo in South East Queensland. For more information, go to the Glossy Black Conservancy website.

08 December 2016