Facilities and recreation

Find information on Council libraries, parks and venues, Wi-Fi in Brisbane parks and public spaces, as well as sports and leisure facilities and recreation programs and Council's involvement in arts and culture in Brisbane.


Council libraries provide a wide range of services including book clubs, reading programs, computer training and events and workshops. Find out about your local library and its opening hours, facilities and services, how to join and borrow books, magazines and online resources and lots more.

Parks and venues

Find information on Council parks and venues, including parks, community halls, cemeteries, community hubs, Brisbane City Hall and King George Square. Also find information on leasing Council land and property.

Sports and leisure

Council has plenty of facilities, including bikeway and shared paths, swimming pools, skate parks, boat ramps, golf courses and tennis courts. Find information about these facilities as well as Council's recreation programs.

Arts and culture

Council is dedicated to fostering an innovative and creative community and to providing opportunities for everyone to participate in the cultural life of our diverse and vibrant city. We support the arts, culture and heritage through grants, sponsorship, programs, facilities and events.

Wi-Fi in Brisbane

Free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is one way is creating a more connected and accessible city. Find out which public spaces and parks across Brisbane have Wi-Fi.